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  1. When it became uncomfortable to a certain extent. It is individual for each person. I started by changing my hair, reading books, leaving my girlfriend and signing up for the gym.

  2. I'm starting to get mentally tired, which turns into physical fatigue. There is a desire to reset to zero.

    A couple of years ago, I ended my first long-term relationship, which lasted 3.5 years, and then life began to change. You can stop (but not for long!) and analyze your life, understand where you will move next. Or you can just go on, like I did. However, it took more time – a whole year. I started hanging out with old friends, making new ones, reading books and watching movies all night long. And most importantly, I started working on my debut film, which completely changed my life.

    Now I am completely changing my environment, loosening ties with people who do not allow me to develop. I am actively engaged in self-education – I watch video courses in my field, go to the pool. I really want to change my job, because it kills me psychologically, but I can't abruptly end everything here.

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