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  1. Any brand is associated with some kind of lifestyle. With the help of advertising, companies create the impression that people of a certain class (so to speak) necessarily use the products of this brand. That is, the brand, as it were, serves as a sign of belonging to a certain group that shares a common lifestyle. And then people are invited to make a choice. For those who believe that this is their lifestyle, the brand provides a great opportunity to express it. Those who don't think so just pass by. But this is only in theory. But in practice, people tend to buy products of brands associated with the lifestyle that they would like to live. This is because people often think better of themselves. They think they deserve better. Advertising helps them reach this conclusion. More precisely, it does not give them the opportunity to distract from this thought. And in the end, they decide to match the desired lifestyle at least externally.

  2. By themselves, brands can not affect the psyche in any way. It is affected by the hype that very often rises around them. This, by the way, is the reverse side of the competition.

    Take at least the same Apple. A lot of people are crazy about their products, although, to be objective, it has (in addition to the high cost) a whole bunch of disadvantages. People are herd creatures, incredibly susceptible to all sorts of HYPE.

    That's thousands of years of evolution, and there's no escaping it. The only thing you can do is just turn on your mind and turn off your emotions when it comes to a particular product. Then you can look at the quality (more precisely, the price/quality ratio) and not the brand, which in itself is nothing more than a recognizable logo.

  3. Advertisers dug very deep into psychology with the zeal of a toothache. They tried all possible advertising schemes, and finally decided on the most effective one. People are taught that if they buy a certain product, their prestige will increase. The instinct is stupid, but it works flawlessly for absolutely everyone. It is worth saying that the Samsung or Motorola brand raises you in society, and now they grow out of the ground with crowds of people proudly showing off their devices to others, saying how special and prestigious we are. They create ads for you for free and their friends want to imitate them, they also buy the device. How to avoid this manipulation? Just enough. Do not be interested in the topic of prestige, do not want to rise in society, be special, do not like show-offs and show-offs, and live life itself directly.

  4. There is such a thing-rational thinking. This tag is used by books on the Internet, read it. If you can understand it, then you will rethink not only advertising, but also all other behavior. Your own and someone else's. Welcome to the world of people who don't care about advertising and manipulation.

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