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  1. It happens that your object of sympathy does not pay attention to you. But it's easy to fix.

    if you are still in high school:

    1. You need to study well, take care of yourself and be less rude.

    2. treat them like a friend, and don't let them know or show you that they like you.

    if you're in college:

    1. We must again study well.

    2. Do not tell anyone about your sympathy, as during this period many people do not keep their mouths shut.

    3. Also take care of yourself, but not too much.

    4. Do not behave arrogantly, be yourself, and do not be rude, even to peers.

    if you are already working:

    1. Watch your beauty, but again not much.

    2. Be yourself.

    3. Don't be rude or talk about other people's flaws.

    I hope my advice will help you.

  2. I warn you right away: this is NOT based on personal experience. Seriously, I've NEVER had a situation like this before. I've NEVER done anything specifically to attract someone else's super-valuable male attention. And no, I'm not fucking around, as anyone might think right now. And yes, I'm NOT a moralist. I'm just telling the absolute truth – I'm not interested in relationships at this stage of my life, so I don't know if I should write anything here at all.

    On the other hand, I have witnessed the grandiose love battles of Waterloo, the Ice Battles, and the Desert Storms. Friends met and broke up, laughed and cried, told me what “he” was the most wonderful and complained about what this “scumbag” did. Based on all of the above, some algorithm was deposited in my head on how to draw the gaze of the coveted subject, while not getting into the shit, as well as not pretending to be God knows what. In short, if at least this scribble helps someone at least a little bit, I will already be pleased that I aka sofa expert crumpled the keyboard for a reason)

    First of all, you need to observe the subject you are interested in. Go through his page in VK, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. If it has a page on ask.fm�or other similar services ( question-answer format), then consider yourself doubly lucky – most just merge themselves with the giblets, answering various, sometimes provocative questions (yes, I myself am just like that). Listen to his music. take a look at the public pages that they subscribe to, and see if you can communicate with this person at all. If yes, then first chat with his friends, hang out in his circles, maybe even find out some information about him. Just don't start such a special “sucky-sucky friendship” with his ex – this is such a stupid “typical woman's” trick that will pass you off as a stupid cunt. I'm already silent about the fact that this hurts the feelings of your “girlfriend” – a real person, and not a swamp kikimora who dared to ever look at the untouchable Man of Your Dreams.

    You need to start communicating with a person tactfully, carefully, probing their worldview, looking at which topics it is better to focus the conversation on and which ones to avoid. Just, in no case, do not deceive the interlocutor, and, most importantly, yourself, beautifully telling about your love of classical music and pizza with prosciutto, if, in fact, you are drawn to rock and are a vegan. Further, you need to understand that the abundant manifestation of feelings, to which most girls, unfortunately, are inclined, can scare off any adequate guy. Instead of “cats” and “bunnies”, show a keen interest in the person, but do not climb too much into his soul. About “write first”: YES, you can write first, the crown will not fall off, you can put the” guy must ” in one place-you are more interested in him, and not vice versa. On the other hand, if you write to him 3, 4, 5 times, and during this time he himself has never written, and to your questions “How was your day?”, he answers” Norm”,” Nothing”,” Ok”, etc., then, I think, there is no need to explain – the dude doesn't give a fuck about you as an interlocutor (and it doesn't matter who this dude is – a guy or a girl). And finally, don't play the princess, you'll still get screwed up somewhere. And if you're already a princess, you don't have to build.

    Good luck)

  3. First, and most importantly, you need to be yourself. I've learned this from my own experience.

    When we like someone, or if we are in love, we often behave unnaturally / artificially, as if we are not us, but the devil knows who. All unnatural things only get in the way in these cases. Therefore, in any case, you must always remain yourself. Although sometimes it is quite difficult. :-))) But if you try hard, it's possible.

    Second, don't get too hung up on it. The more you get hung up, the worse things will get. We need to think about it as little as possible. And it is better to focus your attention not on how to please, but on communicating with this person, on common interests, on what would somehow connect you.

    Well, I think, from my own experience, down with modesty. Within reason, of course. :- ))) Be an interesting conversationalist. Don't be afraid to talk, ask, or be interested. Show some initiative at all.

  4. There was already a similar question, so I'll just copy my own answer from there.

    In short, unfortunately, there is no unique answer to this question. All people are different and there is no magic phrase or algorithm of actions that is guaranteed to please another person.�

    Well, from myself I can add that not always, but as a rule, men do not really understand hints. A real-life example: in the tenth grade, a very attractive and sweet girl sat with me in drawing class, who every Thursday (the day when we had this very drawing) put on a blouse with a rather large neckline. Every time she leaned over, I found myself staring at her breasts (and what choice did I have). At the same time, her breasts were small, the bra did not fit very tightly, and at good moments I could even see her nipples. These lucky moments occurred every time she leaned over to ask me something, and she asked me three or four times during the lesson. As a decent person, I tactfully pointed out to her that part of her wardrobe accidentally exposed parts of her body, and she was embarrassed and covered up. I was only acting with the best of intentions, and I didn't want the cutie to get into an awkward situation by accidentally exposing her breasts to the entire class. This situation was repeated several times every week, only ten or twenty times, and then suddenly stopped. Only six years later (!), drinking with a friend in high school and retelling this story to him, I suddenly realized in the middle of my own sentence that she just liked me (fuck knows why, I was such an arrogant asshole at school and I was never pretty) and she was so trying to please me, encourage me to take active actions. It's been six years, ladies and gentlemen, six years since I got that hint. At the same time, I am a relatively intelligent person in general matters and think quickly.

    In short, try different approaches, do not take offense at misunderstood hints and good luck to you.

  5. Also, start asking about their interests. He will understand in any case (maybe he won't show it) that you are trying to please him (your attention to him). And if the guy is smart, then he will support your attention, and at best take matters into his own hands

  6. Start communicating with them. In my opinion, this is the most effective way. Be natural and don't overdo it when trying to make an impression, so as not to scare the person off.

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