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  1. As an option:sit alone at home for a day without internet, TV, or anything like that, and just think about whatever you want. This is a way of preparing for a change in thinking)

  2. How far are you willing to go?

    Take two sheets of paper: on one, describe everything you know about yourself, on the other-the person you want to be. As detailed as possible: what he wears, what he thinks, what he does, how he communicates, and so on.

    And plot the steps from one sheet to the next. And do it.

    Thinking changes in the face of new or some new reactions to circumstances. Let's say that you used to be angry about traffic jams and crowding in transport, but now you stopped, you used to say “no” to everything new, and now you are ready to choose and try.

    It all depends on what you want from the mindset changes. What will change when you reach your goal?

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