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    • develop consciousness
    • Fulfill your purpose
    • build up the missing energy

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  2. We are bound or restricted:

    Economic relations resulting from the division of labor.

    The collective unconscious.

    Common air, one planet.

    The laws of physics.

    With common sense.

    Laws of states.

    Your own biology.

    We don't have to be connected:

    Other people's expectations (desires, fears, definitions of us), which we did not agree to meet, predestination, which is only a model of perception/thinking, only our own experience – we can adopt and learn.

    Under the matrix, you can understand other people's expectations, “fate”, obsession with their early experience. That's what we need to work with. Regarding fate/karma – you need to pay attention to how complex the world is, and how much more complex than a linear representation of a predetermined chain of causes and effects.

  3. Interesting question. Both meaningless and meaningless.

    Are you ready to work hard for many years to get out of the matrix? This is not just a door that you just need to open and step through.

    Sho tse take “matrix”, in my understanding?

    These are innumerable rules and beliefs that are crammed into a person by upbringing, education, communication and experience. A person does most of his actions according to the principle “So it is accepted. So it is necessary. That's right. So familiar. That's what everyone does. It won't work any other way. Look at the smart ones and repeat.”. Please note that by actions I mean even the smallest actions like ” Make tea. Answer the call. Reply to the message. Brush your teeth. Smile at the meeting. And so on.” It turns out that by the age of 20-25, a human remains a robotic system of rules that tries to adapt to the constantly changing world. Yes, they can continue to learn new things. Based on existing beliefs and only new rules. Rules and beliefs create the cage beyond which a person can no longer step. And he doesn't even see the possibility. This also includes religion, national mentality, cultural traditions, and age-related fashion.

    How do I exit the matrix?

    • Begin to consciously observe your actions, habits, and daily rituals. Try to understand their causes and purpose.
    • Finding (and there are hundreds of them) those that are made automatically according to certain rules and beliefs, try to analyze them. Relative to the goal. Understand what you want to get and why you do it this way. If you do it according to the principle of “so it is accepted”, then you weaken your Will and strengthen the matrix cell. If you do the same actions, but with a clear understanding of their purpose and why they will be the best in this situation, then you are not strengthening the matrix cell and developing your awareness and Will. You can smile at a meeting because it is customary, but you can consciously, with an understanding of what result you want to get from this and what smile to apply. Although, when the meeting is happy, all the previous ones are no longer important, the smile itself will climb))).
    • Finding habitual / ritual / “correct” actions that no longer lead to any result or give an unnecessary result, but are supported only by upbringing and beliefs – get rid of them by any means.
    • Forget, in your attitude to the world and to actions, such a division as “scientific-unscientific”. This is stupid and inefficient.
    • In the business that interests you, look for non-standard ways and techniques. Remove your limiting professional beliefs and try to go beyond them.
    • Try to learn how to see the aura and feel the energy field of objects. This is not difficult, but it will hit many beliefs very hard. Just do not become an esoteric, a magician and pull on their worldview.
    • Be critical of all your thoughts, actions, and beliefs. Don't believe them. Test their effectiveness in practice. Rigidly get rid of everything inefficient. Something that doesn't bring you closer to your goal.
    • Learn the rules, not memorize them. Apply useful rules, not follow them thoughtlessly.

    You can still write a lot. But that's enough. The world will become brighter and clearer. You'll start to see a lot more opportunities. You will accept people as they are and understand them easily. You will stop demanding and expecting too much, but you will always get what you need here and now. You will understand yourself better.

  4. 9 I am the door: whoever enters by Me will be saved, and will enter and go out, and will find pasture.

    These are the words of Jesus Christ recorded in the Gospel of John. In short: according to His teaching, the whole world is at the mercy of illusions and delusions, and He is the one whom the Creator sent to this world in order to bring the light of Truth to it. The person who accepts Christ as His Teacher wakes up from sleep and begins to see, and insight is precisely the way to escape from the Matrix-a system built on lies and illusions, on stupefying humanity.

    12 Again Jesus spoke to the people and said to them, ” I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”
    (John 8: 12)

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