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  1. This confusion often occurs when a person's life lacks goals and values that remind them of who they are. But you can also lose yourself if you betray your values or make a mistake that you don't want to admit, or if you adapt so much to your surroundings that you lose yourself in them.

    In any case, the solution is to create yourself anew. Define your goals and values around which you will continue to build your life. Find role models, maybe change your environment. Good psychotherapy speeds up this process.

  2. Start making yourself new , sort out in your head everything that you are currently interested in and choose what is most important right now . Start doing something new , maybe you will open up to yourself from a new side. The most important thing is to understand for yourself how you can be useful in this world and find your way . The main thing is not to give up in moments when you are confused in yourself . We create ourselves, think about what kind of person you want to be and how you would like to look in the eyes of others .

  3. The answer is in the question itself.

    To do. This is the key.

    Start with the body.

    The mind and words can deceive.

    The body will never lie to you.

    The body and mind are one.

    By working with one, we also have an impact on the other.

  4. You can lose yourself only if the environment tries to bend you under itself. This can be avoided if you stick to your habits and principles

  5. Find your self urgently!!!
    By the way, where is your self? In the heel? In the stomach? In your head? Out of the body? What is it?
    Some say that a living person is connected to the world by 2 threads. Silver thread-from the navel. There is a connection at birth. A live thread.
    Golden thread-in the area of the dimple on the throat. It is a thread of the soul or spirit. Occurs when a person is aware of himself and the world.
    When he leaves, the golden thread breaks. And on the 40th day – silver.
    So what thread did you break?

  6. Go to a hypnotherapist, not a psychiatrist, but a hypnotherapist, this is the most advantageous option, well, in extreme cases – to a psychotherapist, my advice to you, a specialist who has been doing this for 16 years

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