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  1. Two options:

    1. Long and painful, with drunken text messages, masturbation on her photo, a lock of hair in her wallet, “time heals” – that's all.

    2. Fast and efficient. Find yourself a new one.

  2. I tried to improve myself, find new interests and acquaintances, but the fuck was floating there. I suffered for more than two years, and then xs, once I woke up, I realized that I didn't give a fuck about her.
    Krch, will pass.

  3. In fact, you should not rush to find a replacement. First, you need to analyze everything, settle everything inside, so to speak. This is necessary so that when you find someone new, you don't compare previous relationships with new ones. If you have a new relationship, then everything is new.
    When the stage of pi#@suffering passes, as they say in the common people, it will be possible to try something new to start. Here you will already be helped by the experience of past relationships and a calm, cooled mind.
    Myself in such a situation, as they say, did not appreciate what I have, was a complete jerk, behaved rudely. Only after going through the realization of all the mistakes, I realized that I had become better, I realized that only time helps. And if everything is so bad that you ask such questions, try to distract yourself, but not on girls, but start a hobby for yourself, for example. Communicate more with your friends, they should help.

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