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  1. Well, we've already talked about brain training exercises, and I agree with the previous ones: we need to gradually make the brain absorb and analyze more information, and not let it atrophy. But no one said anything about drugs.�

    There are many medications with different mechanisms of action to help you focus your attention and improve the quality of memory and learning. This will be discussed in more detail by clinical pharmacologists. I'll just give you some examples. Many remedies are also known to you. The simplest thing that comes to mind is caffeine and taurine. Someone drinks coffee, green tea or energy drinks to stay awake, cheer up and thereby increase their concentration. �

    You are also likely aware of the various supplements needed for brain function. The simplest is the amino acid Glycine, which is used as a stabilizer of mental processes. Increases mental performance. It is used to treat depression. Perhaps the most harmless and affordable medicine.

    There are also heavier substances. There are a number of diseases or consequences of diseases that lead to a decrease in brain performance. Here for people with such pathologies and came up with nootropics-neurometobolytic stimulants. They are treated with them. But during a session or strenuous mental work, knowledgeable healthy people use these medications not without success. So there are pills to increase concentration and improve cognitive abilities)

  2. Faced with this after 30: lost the speed of thought, long time to remember rare words, on duty to deal with new information. In addition to age, the lack of good activity for the brain also plays a role, it's like with muscles, if you don't load them for a long time, they become sluggish. For training, choose some kind of intellectual activity that requires large (just for you) mental resources(my ears start to burn at such moments).I recommend if you don't already know how to do this: learn an unfamiliar language, speed reading, mnemonics(especially for expanding the vocabulary of a new language) and mind mapping, logic games, finger exercises(also used to prevent sclerosis), drawing(as a visual training program).

  3. You won't get smart from pills, and you won't get smart by strengthening your memory anyway. In order for the brain to “work” again, it needs to be trained: learn poems by heart, read,try to analyze what you read, start playing chess (or another logical game), sleep at night (the brain needs rest and the daily routine here plays an important role). Load your memory gradually.

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