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  1. In a relationship, both use each other. If there is a relationship, and it is good, then we give and take. Something consciously, something without thinking at all, and then, perhaps, without appreciating (both your own and the other).

    So the answer to your question in my version is simple.

    Consider this: if you give significantly more than you take , there is an imbalance. You both arranged it somehow. Try to restore it. If it doesn't work out, break off the relationship. Immediately. “Why don't you want to throw up right away?” Then you did not take into account something in your estimates, it seems that you get more in this relationship than you calculated. Find out; – is it really, really valuable to you? If yes, everything is fine, see the first paragraph.

  2. Keep track of the emotional signs of the person with whom you communicate – how much attention they pay to you, how they write/talk to you. It's usually not hard to guess.

    Well, yes. Normal people don't use it. That is, if a person uses someone for their own purposes-you are not the only victim.
    Be careful.

  3. Try to ask a person for some service, if you are repeatedly refused under any pretext (and you, in turn, have already done a lot for your opponent) – then you are definitely being used.

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