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  1. When I ask myself such questions, I always resort to the Maslow pyramid. Step by step satisfying your wishlist today from basic eat/sleep, up to recognition in your social group and creative manifestations, you will be a little more satisfied with life than yesterday, everything is quite simple. The last steps at the top of the pyramid are reserved for self-realization, achievement, professionalism and creativity, and these are the most difficult goals to achieve. Therefore, you need to realize your potential only through the least resistance-I mean hobbies. Only by doing what is close to your heart can you achieve any success. The only difficulty is to find a way to earn money on your favorite business.

  2. Surprisingly, you need to start small. Every day, ask yourself: what do I want right now? Most likely, the responses will be very simple. Something like: buy ice cream, go to the park, get some sleep. Then we increase the speed and ask ourselves if we like to do exactly what we are doing now and whether we like to communicate with a particular person. If you try to discard everything imposed, you will very soon understand which people you need to exclude from your life and which activities are definitely not fun. Then you'll have to try a lot (just in case you have absolutely no idea what you want to do in life). In the literal sense, go and try: dancing, web design, maybe drawing, maybe journalism, or even skydiving. Every time you try it (you can ask a friend to tell you about their work or spend time with them during the workflow and do something that they will allow) note to yourself what emotions it caused you, you can even start a diary. What we are looking for: inner awe, children's delight and a desire to develop in the chosen field. When you find it, you won't confuse it with anything else. The second option is simpler: try to remember who you wanted to be as a child. Most often, responses come from there. I wish you good luck.:)

  3. If you have such a question, and you do not know what you are lying about, what you want, it means only one thing – as a child you were killed

    I remembered one situation: I'm standing in the shopping center near the escalator, waiting for a friend. A kid of 3-4 years old quickly runs past me, runs on this escalator, starts to go up, filled with a sense of knowing the world around him that is still new to him. And a few seconds later, his mother runs up, grabs him in her arms, yells that he ran away, because “my son could have hurt himself.” But she doesn't understand with her chicken brain that she's suffocating him with this concern. Most likely, the child after this incident began some kind of complex or phobia, from such boys grow up guys who do not know what they love, what they want to achieve, and so on. Such cases

    It is especially important for a child, especially a boy, to learn about the world around them by trial and error, if you really want the best for them

    This is by the way, if you have a son, so that he does not get into your situation )

    And in your case, do not blame your parents, they gave you what they were able to give. Then every man for himself, you need to live on, adapting.

    What specific actions should you take to understand exactly what you want in life and what happens? Try everything in a row. By reducing your ignorance, you will find what lies ahead.

    You are well done if you ask this question, because it is very important for every person, especially a man, to do something that will give pleasure. Because only what turns out is fun, and it turns out only what you have a predisposition to, and when something turns out, you will get the most important thing – happiness )

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