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  1. If I needed to memorize a word in the process of learning , I came up with a pair of other, simple, consonant with the first one, sometimes even whole phrases.�

    for example, here, from the literary terms:

    Metonymy = you remember me

    blazon = mouzon

    palindrome = burnt rum

    protagonist = proonanist

    sillepsis = strength of sausage (although there is an emphasis on “e”, but the main thing was to write correctly)

    in general, the essence is clear, a little imagination, and everything is remembered in general. With a couple of dozen of these fun practices, you will develop your own individual memorization algorithms.

  2. Associative series to help.�
    Remember under what circumstances, where, and when you learned the information.
    When was the last time you used the word. What were you talking about then? Who did you say it to? In this connection.

    Therefore, if you are preparing for an exam, try to change the environment more often, so that certain fragments of information are associated in your memory with a certain place, sounds, perhaps with people, clothes that you were wearing.

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