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  1. The key here is кажется it seems. I am 31 and it seems to me all 31 years old, but in reality every year is only more interesting. Over time, you learn not to be driven, but simply to enjoy the anticipation of the future, which, by the way, is no less fun than the future itself. I understand you, but just believe that at 30 it will be even cooler, health is there, more brains, more experience, more opportunities, in short, get high, at 40 they say finally dump the boss.

  2. 1) Prove to yourself that you can do something through fizuhi, n-r run. Set yourself a schedule and a “do it by all means”mindset. Despite laziness, cold outside a warm bed, prejudice, depression, lack of understanding “why do this, the reason is definitely more complicated”. DO IT bleat'.

    2) Desire to go to the light, to the best, to creation, to conscious observation of yourself and your repeated patterns of behavior that lead to the swamp and not-here. Become your own light. If you don't want to, nothing will help. There are no guarantees of happiness in this world, if there are illusory ones, all you have is the opportunity to learn to observe your thoughts, your mind, which is always not enough just to be.

    Point 1) will cut through the fog in your head a little and give you a sense of life, without point 2) you can't run far.

    Set aside time for step 1 right now.

    Forward and only forward

  3. What are you, a username, fell from an oak tree?!

    Yes, you still have the coolest things ahead of you: 22 years is the approximate age of final release from school (if everything went perfectly with you from the age of 17, for example, and, as practice shows, most people who ask such questions in principle and spend a working day on kveschon are young and educated); this is the age when you can start working normally, not at the expense of sleep, and earn yourself those nishtyaki for which there was not enough money in your poor student body (and if you are a major, then everything is even better, because von Batya is about to arrange you for a good position, and you will lose from your peers-beggars and catch the rays of their envy).

    Yes, you don't have the “best years” in the past, but the years of hard climb (believe me: there will still be drinking parties, and music and movies will only get cooler over the years!). At 22, you already have experience, there is still a lot of youthful enthusiasm, you can communicate with girls from 16 to 30, and NO ONE WILL SAY ANYTHING BAD to you (you are neither old nor young!). In general, 22 is just a wonderful age, so don't whine.. 🙂

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