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  1. Personality is a system of adaptation to the environment, since you can't lose the environment painlessly, I suggest you just fall asleep:) Why lose your identity before the deadline, if it will be lost in any case. Under the desire to lose identity, to get rid of the ego, there is another desire, and it belongs to the ego.

  2. There are so many categories of “psychology, philosophy, religion, Buddhism” mixed up here. That there will be a great many possible answers. First, you need to establish, before you lose it – a person, whether it was formed? There are many options for losing money, the simplest one is that you can get drunk and turn into a sorcerer. If we talk about Buddhism, then I understand that there you can become a Buddha, a Bodhisattva ( enlightened, but not leaving the karmic state in parinirvana to help others embark on the “Noble Path” -this is the eightfold path). To become these guys, all you need to do is give up your passions, everything earthly, real and worldly. Give up lying, cheating, violence, and so on. In this way, by giving up the passions that are supposed to be characteristics of our personality in one way or another, we reach the level of the enlightened one, losing our own past self. I.e., the state of serenity. I can certainly mess up something, since I have little in common with Buddhism, not a theologian, but the situation seems to look something like this)

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