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  1. If you want to remember at least the main events of your dreams, make a habit of keeping a notebook and pen next to your bed. As soon as you realize you're awake, grab your notebook and take notes. Don't try to transfer as many details as possible: as long as you describe one thing, the other will be forgotten. It is important to move the main theses/events, and the sooner the better: 10 minutes after waking up, remembering a dream will be much more difficult than immediately.

  2. There are many ways to remember a dream, for example, using a red thread that you need to “sew up” your dream in the morning. �Sometimes a dream doll is used. And most importantly, you need to get enough sleep, because if you get up on the alarm clock, you have to quickly jump up and sleep disappears during this time. Here is an interesting article on this topic, everything is described in detail there

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