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  1. Hello!
    Most often, the old and proven method is used when you remember phrases before you forgot what you wanted to say. Or go back to the place where you were and think about what you were doing there and why you came here.
    You can ask yourself the following questions::
    1) what did you just talk about? (ask yourself or another person)
    2) in which part of the apartment (or any other room) Did I just get in?
    3) I thought about …..
    4) what did you want to know, ask this particular person?
    and other questions

    Not always, but most often an internal conversation with yourself helps, I can say exactly what makes you think purposefully!

  2. No matter how stupid it often looks, I always repeat the same actions as at the moment when the idea came to me. For example, if I was scrolling through the feed then, I go back to the same posts and scroll through them again. Or if I was walking in a certain place, I pass there again. In general, whatever it is, I just always repeat everything in the same sequence and almost always remember what I wanted to say/do.

  3. “Rewinding” actually works. But there is another way-to completely avoid the topic that prompted the desire to speak out. It is better to distract yourself, immediately switch your attention to something else. Perhaps it is the obsession with a missed thought that clogs up the memory and exacerbates confusion.

    At least, if you wanted to say something important, you will say it sooner or later.

  4. There is one trick, I came up with it myself. Just start calling random words (just quietly so that no one can hear).

    For example, I wanted to do or say something, but I forgot and I put the “technique” in action, ala eight, fourteen, dad, mom, ray, table… etc.until I remember what I wanted. I think it works because it uses different parts of the brain( because the words come from different directions), which helps it “kick” the memory to work. Just give it a try.

  5. As a rule, I try to “rewind” the conversation back, consistently analyzing what has already been said in order to catch the tip of the thread that will lead me to a lost thought. However, sometimes it doesn't work out)

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