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  1. There are a few points to think about here:

    1) An opinion is a belief in something without clear evidence of its truth, and there are several types. The first one is just a personal preference, a subjective taste in something. Which, as the proverb says, is not disputed. It is impossible to logically or empirically justify how strawberry ice cream tastes better than chocolate. And you don't have to.

    The second is an individual belief about something with a lack of knowledge. Here you can distinguish just a personal opinion (which is worth a little) and an expert opinion – which, in fact, is not really an opinion, but a probabilistic conclusion based on knowledge, experience and analysis of information.

    2) The fact that a certain opinion (point of view) You consider it your own – it does not mean that it is correct and you are right to stick to it. Just like on the other hand, the fact that someone else's opinion differs from yours does not automatically indicate that it is wrong.

    3) Finally, the fact that you are “infuriated” if someone does not agree with your opinion and you cannot change their mind-you should understand that you have a subjective delusion about this circumstance, as if you must convince them, as if your dignity depends on it. That's not so.

  2. You need to stop seeing communication with other people as a struggle.

    Repeat the simple mantra: “My understanding of the world is incomplete and inaccurate.” Understanding such a simple thing is the foundation of all science.

    We form our own opinion on the basis of some limited knowledge. If the other person's opinion differs dramatically, it means that they may have some knowledge that you don't have and that may force you to correct your own opinion. He might be useful to you. This is what you need to focus on: getting counterexamples from the respondent and correlating them with your own understanding of the subject of the dispute.

    If both parties adhere to this rule, then there is a scientific dispute in which both sides approach the truth.

    If both sides just want to assert themselves, then they will get nothing but an emotional outburst.

  3. Not so long ago, I tried to unsubscribe from all political news and posts. Turn out… partly. Actually, the reason for this unsubscription was an extreme disagreement with both extreme points of view that exist on the Internet. Arguments with such people burn a lot of energy, even if you are a cynical troll. Therefore, I personally recommend expressing your opinion, being able to argue, but not to convince anyone.

  4. No need to change anyone's mind! My experience. I just clearly express my opinion and give arguments why I think so.

    For example, I am a Republican and I adore President Trump. My whole life in the USSR, which was normal from the Russian point of view, convinced me of the impossibility of equality, fraternity, and utopia of the ideals of socialism and communism. In a conversation with a Democratic opponent who hates Trump, I give my arguments and then stop the conversation. I once had a lady opponent who turned into a scream, I got up and calmly said that I did not want to communicate with you and I hope I will never see you again. Period.�

    Most importantly, most people don't hear you or your arguments.�

    What's he mad about? You do not have to have children with them, share a bed, Your life does not depend on their opinions and beliefs.

  5. Allow people's opinions to be (exist), just as other people allow your opinion to be. As many people as there are, so many opinions. Ask yourself this question: does the other person allow my opinion to exist? If so, then allow his opinion to exist as well. This is at the level of respect for a person, his life and points of view on the world.

    Infuriating? Are you sure that the other person wants to change their mind? Yes, it pisses me off because it doesn't work out. It doesn't work, because the other person doesn't care about your arguments, they don't have a “pain” for which they are ready to change. Leave it at that. Let the other view be, exist. Then calmness will come.

  6. First, you need to love people, and this means wishing them well . Second, be grateful to them for increasing our knowledge of the world and giving us the opportunity to exercise our minds, as well as teaching us how to manage our emotions . Well, in general, to understand that we are all citizens of the same country and we have common interests . If the question was about specific anger management techniques, then you need to look at the lessons of specialists, how to breathe there and so on, they are full . Good luck 🤗

  7. Such a person looks inadequate. Неад Inadequate as an officer, if not as a red-brown, security officer. But an adequate woman would look at least… strange, if not abnormal.

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