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  1. Of course, there are special calligraphy fountain pens, airbrushes, ink, ink, and so on. But it is better to start by looking at the equipment and try to draw with a pencil, to think about buying equipment

  2. 1) Start writing hieroglyphs with minimal familiarization with the language you want to use.

    So, when choosing Chinese, you should remember that there are two types of writing characters – traditional and simplified. When writing a certain meaningful phrase, you must choose the same type for all hieroglyphs.

    It is especially important to acquire the ability to mentally disassemble the hieroglyph into its component significant parts, and in turn – into features. Writing each feature with a brush has its own technique: you need to hold the brush correctly, press it correctly in certain places, move the brush correctly, and even rotate it correctly when writing particularly difficult features. Before you start writing a hieroglyph, you need to bring the writing of each of its individual features to automatism.

    The best option, of course, would be to have someone with experience in calligraphy around to monitor the process and point out mistakes. Moreover, in my opinion, it is impossible to learn to write hieroglyphs alone in such a way that an understanding Chinese / Japanese person would perceive them as native (By the way, my teacher was a scout who paid for lessons to Chinese craftsmen with alcohol-containing liquid for cleaning aircraft windows). But if the goal is simply to partially touch a different culture or find a new way to relax, then you can do without it.

    2) A special” paint ” is ink for calligraphy. It comes in two types – dry and liquid. Using the first option is considered more canonical, but, at the same time, less convenient. Dry mascara is rubbed on a special stone, where water is added. In addition to the fact that it requires a certain amount of time and effort, dry mascara is often much less bright than liquid, no matter how much effort would be applied. Liquid mascara does not need any additional manipulations and is ready for use immediately when opening the jar. Both types of mascara, including Chinese production, can be freely purchased in specialized stores

    3) In addition to ink, there are also special brushes for calligraphy, which are designed for working with ink. Do not use brushes that are too small or too large. In the first case, to maintain the balance, the hieroglyphs will have to be written quite small, which is why they will lose their aesthetics. In the second case, standard paper formats will often simply not be enough.

    4) Paper is the least important attribute of calligraphy. Naturally, there are different types of paper on which ink will fall more expressively and emphasize a certain mood. However, this factor is secondary, especially in the initial stages of learning calligraphy. Public A4 printer paper is also quite suitable. My teacher used rolls of cheap white wallpaper for his competition papers. And this also had its own mood and aesthetics.

  3. teachers correct, and the Chinese may even be offended if you say “draw”. hieroglyphs write. there is a special ink, brushes, rice paper (with squares so translucent). I did not try to search in Russia, in China in a zachukhannoe stationery store, all this good was and cost quite a bit.

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