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  1. Good afternoon.

    Soyeon Shaku, the first Zen teacher in America, once said: “When you go to bed, fall asleep as if this is your last dream. When you wake up, leave the bed immediately, like kicking off your old shoes.”

    Try to start getting up within 5-10 seconds of waking up. You can come up with a ritual that you will go to immediately after the ascent. For example, drink a glass of water in another room, do a few exercises as a charge, or open the windows.

  2. As banal as it may sound, you just need to stop doing it. Yes, for this you need to make an effort on yourself. But what are you going to achieve in life if you can't even get out of bed on time!? I can only make recommendations for improving the quality of sleep and making it easier to wake up. The most important thing is to comply with the regime. If you go to bed and get up at exactly the same time for 2 weeks, then I assure you, you will start to wake up by this hour without an alarm clock.

    • limit or exclude stimulants (tea, coffee, chocolate, energy drinks, cigarettes), alcohol
    • avoid using gadgets with a glowing screen 1-2 hours before bedtime
    • be physically active (10,000 steps a day, 30-60 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week)
    • don't eat too much at night
    • provide comfortable sleeping conditions (pillow, mattress, air temperature and humidity, ventilate the bedroom before going to bed, remove unnecessary items from the bedroom, etc.). Read more about this in the free book “Tips for Healthy Sleep 2.0”.

    To make it harder to turn off the alarm clock, take it to another room so that you have to get up and walk right after you wake up. Get up, turn on the bright lights, energetic music, wash your face with cool water even before you turn off the alarm. Or watch a humorous video, do light gymnastics. You can ask someone to wake you up or call you at the right time.

  3. I can recommend a very effective method, I used to go to bed at 1-2 o'clock and wake up without an alarm clock only at lunch, then when the practice started, I had to be there at 6 o'clock in the morning and the practice lasted 3 months, so I had to change my position somehow, and I made a very banal decision, I just went to bed early at 8-10 o'clock, during these 3 months strictly observing discipline, I developed a skill, now I sometimes go to bed at 1 o'clock in the morning after a difficult day , I automatically get up at 5-7 o'clock in the morning like a cucumber.

  4. You can try putting the phone with the alarm clock away so that you need to get out of bed to turn it off. This run to your phone can help you wake up.

  5. Put your phone in a saucepan. And put the pot in the middle of the room. You won't even need a second alarm clock in this scenario)

    In general, these “5 more minutes”, after which you will probably be late for the hundredth time, are incredibly discouraging. Schoolchildren and students are not too busy, so they are not in a hurry to wake up. But people who work know what happens when they are late and get enough sleep on weekends for their “5 minutes”.

    Self-discipline, comrades.

  6. Come up with a fascinating list of things to do in the evening for the morning (better not to do, of course, but pleasant ten-minute trifles). I have meditation on the menu, delicious toothpaste, three-story breakfast.�

    Especially helps to get enough sleep. Without this, no Coca-Cola-flavored toothpaste can beat the alarm clock.

  7. Several of the answers above say that you need to pick up your phone and read the news feed or something. When my alarm clock rings on my phone in the morning and I take it off, the bright light hurts my eyes and vice versa, then I want to close them and lie down a little more. I do this: I try to immediately fall out of bed and start walking somewhere. Then do something else. Here the desire to sleep is no longer so strong. For 3-4 mornings, get used to doing this.

  8. If you have very poor eyesight, then you can try to put on glasses right away. If everything is blurry, then the only thing you want to do is close your eyes, and when you put on your glasses, you can see how much clearer everything is, and you don't want to close your eyes and go back to sleep so much. You can immediately bury your face in the phone, preferably in something specific, for example, some news application, relatively bright lights and focusing on the text quickly wake you up.

    At least it helps me.

  9. I know that if I don't get up now, I might miss a lot of things, so I jump out of bed abruptly after the alarm goes off. After sleeping for an extra 15 minutes, you will not get enough sleep anyway, it is very important to understand this.

  10. A strange way, it helped me at the time. I came up with it myself, although it partly has something of the army in it ) � For some reason, all methods are based on gingerbread, but in this case, the most delicious gingerbread is a dream, and hardly anything can be better. So, maybe you should try the whip? =)

    For the fact that you do not get up on time – you apply a penalty to yourself. In the evening, before you go to bed, turn off the light, disassemble the bed and…. you stand by the bed for half an hour and think about your behavior. No need to read anything or constantly look at the time, just set the alarm for half an hour and wait for it to be possible to go to sleep in front of the bed in the dark. There's plenty of time to think again about why I decided to get up earlier and what you're going to do. As a result, in the morning, maybe not the first time, there is some clarity about whether the extra 5-10 or even 30-60 minutes of sleep is worth standing in the evening. Believe me, but it's better to check for yourself, standing for half an hour and doing nothing is hard enough and it is perfectly stored in your memory, so in the morning you will remember the consequences anyway, in addition, during the half hour that you will stand, you will probably scroll in your head with a dozen reasons to get up as much as you planned, so�

    Yes, the method is hard, but effective. Of course, to do this, you need to be honest with yourself and follow the conditions of this method, but you will get the result quickly enough. Probably more suitable for those who live alone, but if you are determined and do not want to look stupid in front of the one with whom you live, then it will work even better on you =)

  11. Ways out of the situation�

    1) �Find a job where you can stay up early and therefore not use the alarm clock in principle�

    2) don't work�

    3) suffer further

    4) if you are studying, then buy a crust from your diploma, put it in the closet and finally admit for yourself that you are unemployed and you do not need any alarm clocks.

  12. For some reason, you immediately need to deal with these 5 minutes. You need to look at the tasks more broadly. “Five more minutes” is a very pleasant thing. Why deprive yourself of this?

    I set my alarm an hour earlier. Half an hour (but it rarely comes to this, usually 10-15 minutes) I quite calmly, even savoring the moment, add 5 minutes each. I spend the next half hour trying to “wake up” – usually sitting on my phone, not in a hurry. Next, you can charge; calmly, without haste, wash your face; calmly eat with your phone in your hands.

    And by the appointed time, I'm already ready, yes, I didn't get enough sleep (+- an hour seriously won't give you much), but I'm in a good mood, with a clear head, without nerves and in a hurry.

    And “not getting enough sleep” is a payment for lack of discipline, you can't get anywhere.

  13. Two paths: first, hopelessness. You don't have to choose whether to sleep or not to sleep. For example, you can set the alarm immediately to “five minutes to five”.�

    Second, try going to bed early and getting a good night's sleep. Seriously, people who get enough sleep wake up on their own. And the alarm clock is no longer perceived as an enemy, it just says that it would be nice to get up.

  14. Download the alarm clock app to your phone. I use Alarmy (Sleep if you can) on Android. The trick of this alarm is that in order to turn it off, you need to perform some action (although the usual mode is present there). You can choose from several ways to turn off the alarm: solve from 1 to 5 mathematical examples (division, multiplication, addition and subtraction with brackets of one-,two -, and three-digit numbers. The difficulty level is set), take a picture of something, then do the same thing in the morning – the alarm goes off, shake the phone a set number of times. When you restart the phone, the alarm continues to yell, you can optionally block the phone shutdown dialog box (there is an option for a long delay of the power button, but this is a reboot, which means the alarm will ring), you can disable the ability to postpone the alarm at all, the forced playback function from the speakers (if you are so smart and decided to stick headphones in the phone), and even !Attention! blocking the ability to delete the app (apparently someone tried). I don't know how many of these features are available in the free version, but the premium version is not very expensive, especially since this is the only application that cannot be illegally cut down without physically destroying the phone.

    It is worth adding that the best way is to take a picture of something that is not in your room (refrigerator in the kitchen, faucet in the bathroom, shampoo barcode, I don't know) so that you have to run to that item/place.�

    However, there is still one option – to break the phone against the wall, then no applications will help. And here comes the most effective way – to find a person who will push you in the morning. If you live alone, it probably won't work for you. But if not (in a dorm, for example, or with a friend/boyfriend), then this is an ideal option.

  15. Just go to bed early, then you'll want to get up earlier.
    Also, you do not need to delay the moment of getting up. The alarm clock rang (it is better to put it away to wake up while you go to it) – I got up and went to do my morning chores, and did not ask myself to lie down “for another 5 minutes”.

  16. Usually, when I wake up in the morning, I immediately grab my mobile phone and start reading the news summary or watching the Vkontakte feed, this immediately clears up my thoughts in my head and I don't want to sleep so much anymore and after 5-10 minutes you are relatively awake

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