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  1. In my opinion, everything is simple here, first you need to want to, give yourself a firm attitude – not a single swear word anymore, right from now on, when you read my answer! Not a single word at all! And everything else is not important, it does not matter in what environment you are, it all depends on the desire. I was in my second year, while my group was constantly swearing, I decided to give myself the installation not to be like everyone else, not to allow mats, I was lucky, I didn't have time to come up with something like “they are already in the subconscious, this is impossible”, and from that moment I just stopped swearing, the habit came to naught.

    Fantasize and come up with your own way to eliminate unnecessary words from your head.

    Strain the convolutions, force yourself to think and build sentences differently, in the end, try to be silent more, if emotions are already going through the roof, replace mats with lighter analogues like “kapets” instead of pi***ts, it all depends entirely on you, on your desire, it even seems to me that if a person wants to stop swearing, he will not need any advice and no TheQ!

  2. Don't be nervous, be kinder, be more positive, and don't fight over small things like this message. It's very interesting if you swear or not?! I think so.

    Seriously, I don't understand why you need me to think about you 5 times a day (in an unpleasant context) really?! – this is the average number of errors generated by Facebook.

    Now I probably have to worry about the question-how not to swear in this situation ?))

    I wrote it normally.

    Give me back my Facebook, please. I really need to. Very much (after your block, half of my functions were cut down , I can't do much there, and I “administer a closed group about fashion and style” and no, I can't create a new profile and drag all users there). You are welcome!

  3. As well as stop thinking negatively. Put a rubber band on your hand, and every time you say an obscene word, pull it on and let it go. The brain will firmly connect the pain with the utterance of the mat in a week.

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