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  1. Good question, I'll try to answer it.
    It seems that you have encountered pride, so you should know that this is a fairly strong and insidious enemy – you should not underestimate it. This is the weak point of our mind – it can fall in love with its creations so much that it becomes blind to its mistakes.

    Because thinking that you are smarter than others is a monstrous folly, and you may already be able to assess the consequences of this folly if you are looking for a way to deal with it. Such a person looks very arrogant, and the problem is that it seems normal to him, because he is blinded by his exclusivity. This approach does not arouse sympathy, so people will not tolerate it for long, so often the punishment for arrogance is loneliness. Nothing surprising.

    If you want to stop being a slave to your mind, then you should curb its vanity. The area of what we don't know is always larger than what we know. If you shut out the unknown with the words “I already know everything”, then you are already more stupid than you could be. So this is not the best strategy if you want to really control yourself.

    Socrates said, ” I know that I don't know anything,” and this is a good cure for narcissism, because you should remember that you can be as stupid as possible. It's sobering.

  2. It's simple: just try to do something that you can't do, but that others can do very well. One has golden hands, and the other has a head on his shoulders. One person can build a house alone, but the other can't even cut firewood. One will paint a picture, but the other will not even draw a face. Natural abilities (and the level of their development) are different for people, and they manifest themselves in different areas. A smart person in one activity easily looks like a fool in another.

  3. Imagine this: a boxer enters the ring and thinks about how to stop considering himself stronger than his opponent…

    With such thoughts in the ring it is better not to go out at all – they will kill nafig )

    It is necessary to consider yourself smarter, and we must act on this premise.

    If you make a mistake, a smarter person will let you know ) Gain experience and a new portion of the mind…

  4. Just live with it . Every second person (conditionally) considers himself smarter/more talented/stronger/more important than others, and so on… There are a lot of smart people , and also stupid ones. Talk to people you think are smart , but if you don't think they are, then you have problems with your self-esteem.

  5. It is optimal not to “consider yourself smarter than everyone else” – this is logical and cultural.

    Even a “fool” can be smarter than a smart guy in a particular question, where the smart guy missed, and the fool was lucky.

  6. Being smarter than everyone else is a narcissistic reaction and it is associated with helping the child (and then the adult) to compensate for their lack of need and show their importance. And this reaction has little to do with real intelligence, because someone is always smarter than the other in some ways. Being smarter than everyone else is a reaction when someone devalues or demeans another because they don't know it. This reaction is common among teachers and teachers.

    To stop thinking of yourself as the smartest person, you can talk to a psychologist or psychotherapist. After a few conversations, you will no longer consider yourself the smartest person around. This effect occurs when parents ' attention is deficient in childhood. Therefore, in order to stop thinking like this, you can consult an experienced psychologist or psychotherapist.

  7. We tend to compare ourselves to others-sometimes to those who are worse off than we are, mistakenly believing that a person's worth is determined by what they have or can do.

    In one wise book it is written:

    “If someone thinks more of himself than he really is, he is only deceiving himself. Let each one judge soberly what he has done, and then he will be able to enjoy what he has done without comparing himself to others, because each one has his own burden.”

    Therefore, we must honestly admit that we will not always be the best in everything.

  8. The mind is one side of a person. There is also emotional intelligence, the culture of feeling. Phrase: If you're so smart, then why are you so poor?

    On the one hand, everyone has different talents, and not everyone can be a great thinker. On the other hand, the shortfall on one side is compensated for by something else. A person is strong in hand-to-hand combat, for example, or the art of communication.

    A person considers himself smarter than everyone else to compensate for low self-esteem. A self-sufficient person, a versatile person, does not need to rise at the expense of others, he is integrated into the general harmony of the World!

  9. Find people smarter than yourself and connect with them. Then you will realize that the mind is not everything and not the main thing. Then the search for the main thing will begin, and this question will stop worrying.

  10. Ask why you think you are smarter than others, find out some parameters, doubt them, study them better, find arguments that put you above others, and then just need to consider yourself better than others without tormenting your conscience. Why are you suddenly worse than the others? Develop yourself

  11. If you know for sure that you are very smart, then what is the question? There are many other qualities – wisdom, intuition allow you to see beyond your vision horizon, but the mind can not check this. There is the ability to love, listen, perseverance in achieving the goal. What is the point of having the most “smart” fishing rod and being left without fish? I hope you will not suffer from the fact that you will consider yourself happier than others?

  12. I was also the smartest one in my youth, so that's right! Then, as I got older, I got a little wiser and realized that no one wanted to argue with me as a fool.

  13. To realize (not to understand, but to realize) that all the people around you are also individuals, with their own priorities in life and interests. Each of us has our own pros and cons. Some are more shrewd, some are charismatic, and some have great hands. Just because one person doesn't have any of your talents (and vice versa, you don't have any talents) doesn't make any of you better or worse. We're all different.

  14. Well, a smart person could give himself twenty answers to that question, so you see, you're not very smart. Understanding of moral principles, moderation, generosity, and a willingness to accept and forgive are not innate gifts, but signs of an active mind. Read Aristotle, Ficino, Alberti, Montaigne on this topic.

  15. Start playing chess. If you can win the games of all the World champions, you are the smartest, but only among chess players. What about other areas of the human mind and intellect? There will definitely be someone who knows, for example, about Ayurveda, Caravaggism or something else that you haven't even heard of. As Kozma Prutkov used to say: “You can't embrace the vast.” That's why the smartest ones don't exist.

  16. First: experiment with a dark room, go into a room without windows, turn off the light and sit in it, without phones, TV and PC, if you can stay in it for a limited amount of time, then why do you need people.

    Second: when communicating with people, think about the fact that they may also have thoughts that are not very different from yours and try to understand them, even the simplest ones, like how hard it is with a hangover, etc.

    Third: as long as you eat food that you bought at the store with the money you earned at work, you are not smarter than everyone else.

  17. To fight excessive pride, you need to cultivate humility. It helps us recognize that others are better than us in some ways.⠀
    Try to be realistic about yourself: everyone has flaws, so you have them, too. Recognize that others are better at something than you are. Avoid stereotypes: don't assume that all people in a certain group are equally bad.⠀
    Sometimes you need to ask yourself: “Is there anything about me that might annoy other people?” ⠀

    And self-importance will prevent you from taking advice, admitting your mistakes, and changing your point of view. What could be the problem..⠀

  18. Each person has his own opinion, he makes his own choice and, of course, considers his actions to be correct. Someone may say that he is being clever, but this is also the critic's choice and he may be wrong. And even more likely to make mistakes, because they do the same thing as the person they criticize (they make a choice and think their choice is correct).

  19. You can't take it that way, it's not serious, you can soon be left alone then.

    And I've never considered myself that way, which is why I'm here for answers!:)))))))))))) And then it's so cool to live unintelligent, every day you get smarter and discover new things and then discover them again.

    And if you are not interested in meeting people, look for a new environment, new friends, the topic of Soul development and everything will be fine.

    If you are smarter than the world, you are dead:)))))))!

  20. First, you need to answer the question – why do you need to stop?

    Most likely, others don't care what you think, and they probably don't think you're smarter than they are.

    Does it bother you? Then it's a matter of self-doubt, covered with a fur coat of excessive self-confidence. A good therapist will help you deal with this

    Or do you have conflicts and misunderstandings with others due to the fact that you consider yourself smarter? The fur coat is slightly different, but the recipe is the same as in the previous paragraph. The same logical link: self-doubt – psychotherapist

  21. Hello, Anton!

    Maybe I understood your question superficially, but it seems that you are surrounded by people who are not at your level.

    As my son's coach used to say, “If you swim faster than everyone else in the team, you're swimming in the wrong team.” After that, he gave my son to another, stronger coach, where he was the most “dead”. But being among the stronger guys, my son again got the potential for growth and eventually became a multiple champion of Russia, Europe and the world and three times set a world record in underwater sports.

    Moral: surround yourself with people you want to reach out for and the question disappears 🙂

  22. This is intellectual snobbery and is an accurate indicator of what little you actually know and even less you realize.I'm sorry for the truth.But this is not your final state, and if you work on developing consciousness ,which is a key factor for further true self-identification, you will see that you do not know anything ,do not understand anything ,and in fact you are an insignificant, powerless and controlled dot in a shaky and incomprehensible world.Think of yourself in this way and the feeling of having an exorbitant mind and self-importance will disappear in a matter of days and your conscious progress will begin.
    “The greatness of a person begins with the realization of his own insignificance.”
    It is in your favor that you see this as a problem,and therefore you can solve it too.)))

    1. Grow up. Most likely, you will realize that the stupid primates around you can give you a head start in certain areas in which they are more qualified than a + – 20-year-old sucker who considers them morons.

    2. Get a good education in the field of psychology. Comprehensive and advanced. Indirectly, the implementation of point 2 overlaps with the first point. After that, through competent introspection, eliminate deceptive conceit and limited point of view. Cons: expensive, difficult, and unlikely to be implemented.

    3. Delete accounts in insta, kontaktlik, and so on. Cut off the Internet, and go to work at the factory, in mode 5-2. Then one of two things will happen: you will get fucked up by your limitations by expanding your social circle and finding really interesting and smart people; you will get fucked up by your limitations by starting to communicate with real people, face to face, who are not your classmates/classmates and friends on the Internet.

    Good luck.

  23. Just stop-and that's it! Because it is impossible to be smarter than everyone else in everything and even in one thing.
    And, in my opinion, it becomes very boring to live if you consider yourself smarter than everyone else. )
    Your question here is proof of that.

  24. First, a well-bred person in communication with others will in no case emphasize his superiority, unless, of course, this is required by the conflict situation, where it is necessarily necessary. And this behavior is quite desirable. Secondly, a person with low self-esteem will not even think of it; with an inflated one, on the contrary, he will not communicate with someone who he considers more stupid than himself. In my opinion, it turns out that no matter who you think you are (even a genius, even Napoleon), there is no point in sticking out your Self. If I am convinced that I am more stupid than my casual interlocutor , I will not be comfortable in his company. So, if I don't set out to get the information I'm interested in, then our communication will end there. But if I feel that we are on the same wavelength-communication will only give me sincere satisfaction, and what is the point of considering myself smarter than him. Life confronts us with completely different people, so it is impossible to be smarter or more stupid than everyone else. Everyone knows what the other doesn't.

  25. If your environment makes you feel that way, maybe you should change your environment.

    This is quite a normal process of human development, and the time comes when we change jobs, change professions, and even change our soulmate.And there's nothing you can do about it. A person changes and his society changes around him.

  26. I don't think it's that hard. No matter how smart you are, someone will be smarter or more knowledgeable. Choose any area where you are good, a connoisseur of “What, where, when”, but not a luminary. And go to places where you can learn even more about it. Learn a lot of new things) But at the same time, you will realize that you are not the standard, which, frankly, is quite boring. You may not know everything, but you don't want to learn – it's unfortunate.

  27. Nothing, just change your social circle, look for equals. There may not be enough of them. There's no smoke without fire, and if you think you're smarter,you're not. Most of the answers to such questions begin to fill in about ” understand that others are also personalities.” The problem is that this is the very majority that you are probably smarter than) They just don't understand what I'm talking about. And in general, it is unpleasant to recognize someone's intellectual superiority.

    Of course, every person is a person. But the level of development of these personalities is very different) And to ignore it and try to convince yourself to communicate with them is more expensive for yourself.

    When you are among equals, such thoughts simply do not arise.

  28. As a rule, this requires growing up.But there is another ambush,the fact is that a smart person is ALWAYS a fool.And it is he himself (smart) he thinks so.Since no one is immune from mistakes, therefore, the life path of any person is a path of mistakes.And a smart person,just the same, understands and realizes this.He knows where and when he fucked up.And it is these extremely painful clicks on the nose from yourself, drive away arrogance, and push off the pedestal SMARTER than OTHERS. A smart person is always a fool, remembers his mistakes,his own stupidity, and corrects them.And the fool does not realize that he is a fool, really relatives and friends suffer.No fool considers himself a fool ,and generally considers himself smarter than others.

    There is another option.The option where you are really smarter than others.Here, too, everything is simple.Find a society and a society of self-like intellectuals.And you will instantly lose your pride, because you will see really smart people, and you will feel your own inferiority and imperfection.The benefit of tyrnet now allows.It's full of clubs based on your interests.Go to a political or philosophical forum, literary or scientific discussions, and you will have no illusions about your own intelligence.Well, or just get a buzz from communicating with self-like people.Although a fool will never admit that he is a fool.It is easier for him to call those who surpass him in intelligence abstruse fools than to admit his own imperfection.

  29. This is called self-assessment. If your self-esteem is low , the answer is “I don't know enough.” If it's normal, the answer is yes. If it is too high, the answer will be “No, I'm not smart – I'm a GENIUS.” And even if a person makes mistakes , they think they're smart, and that's not a bad thing. So he will rely on himself. Again, if a person is smart enough to solve everyday issues and problems, then at his level he is smart. Not an academic, but smart.

  30. If any of them can do something that you can't, then at least they are smarter than you in this, this is in terms of skills developed over the years, and not physical features. Maybe you can really be smarter than them, but not in everything of course, but the scales are tilted in your direction.

  31. Don't stop. Marry someone who thinks they're just as smart as everyone else, and consider themselves the smartest at home (or not at home), among themselves, giggling nastily in the direction of fools. The main thing is that about this hobby of yours (read:lack), except for the two of you, no one knew. I love, know how, and practice. All the best.

  32. If you're really smarter , it's time to start manipulating people, making them fall in love with you, and making money. If you don't do this, it means that you are losing something)

  33. I do not know from what you concluded that you are smarter than everyone else. I only hope that this is not a clinical case and that you simply have a lack of information about your level of knowledge and intelligence.

    In any case, try to communicate with really smart people, especially now it is more than accessible via the Internet. One of the great ones said ,” It's very easy to be good among the bad. Try to be good among the good ones.” To paraphrase “It's easy to be smart among fools. You try to be smart among the smart ones.”

    You can also start answering questions at TheQuestion.ru and something is not noticeable that you are very smart – just two answers, I have even more.; -)

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