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  1. At the same time-no way. This is a hysterical feature of the psyche: the need to feel humiliated, abandoned, deceived and unnecessary in order to have a legitimate opportunity to feel sorry for yourself.�

    This is overcome in the course of consistent psychotherapy. It is not too long, but there are exceptions. In the course of it, you will learn to get emotional nourishment not from negative, masochistic experiences, but from positive ones.�

    This is about how to replace the habit of picking your nose with the habit of doing a self-massage of your hands: it seems that your hands are busy, and it is very useful, and others do not shy away ) Your brain needs emotions and will generate them. But what they will be is your conscious choice and a matter of behavioral habit. So please contact us.

  2. First, you need to decide on what the opinion is based on, that “you don't care”. If before there were 100+ calls/emails and suddenly silence, then there is no answer in the question, wait again or write. If the person said himself that he doesn't care, disappeared a long time ago and doesn't get in touch, and you are still waiting, then this is already an unwillingness to accept reality, there is some benefit in the “waiting for a call” state for you. We need to find out what it is and figure out how to compensate for it. For example, not wanting to communicate with someone new or afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Waiting is easier and even more pleasant) There may also be an option that “you don't care” has little correlation with reality, it was invented specifically to get out of the relationship. This option is implemented if expectations from the relationship do not match and there is no desire to fix it. One needs only “ears”, and the other only “cupcake”. Be honest with yourself. Decide whether you want to stop waiting or not. And do it!

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