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  1. To develop willpower, you must already have willpower. Therefore, nothing. Willpower is essentially following one's decisions despite the resistance of the environment and the resulting unpleasant sensations. So it all depends on how sincerely these decisions were made, how much they correspond to your nature, etc. So, it is enough to be honest with yourself and not accept decisions imposed by someone else. And when you decide something in accordance with your own gut, another law comes into force – “hunting is stronger than captivity”.

  2. The concept of “willpower”, if I understood correctly, does not depend on the “soul” or directly upbringing of a person, but on the level of his conscious thinking. We have a brain with which we think and recognize our identity. There are his abilities that we only subjectively notice from our own experience. But the fact is that the work of this brain, which we call thinking, is divided into two frequencies – unconscious and conscious. We are more unconscious, because we are animals that need to feed, reproduce, compete and suffer from defensive reactions, and perform hundreds and thousands of automatic actions every day. How we do all this already depends on what impression we were under as a child, what our mother told us, what favorite fruit we chose, how much fun it was to clean the room and do homework. It is possible that thinking is also affected by health, people have mutations and brain diseases from birth. But continuing, only the conscious level remains-this is what perspective we see in our life, why do we live, why do we do all this? Why do we need relationships and experiences, delicious food and new things, why do we need to drink so much water and get carried away with our evil habits?

    And when we say to ourselves, “I'm ready, “”it's time to stop this, “”we need to do this,” we show willpower. We impose on our animal nature the duty to tame our instincts and take a conscious step into an adequate future. Although it is not always possible to keep this path strictly, more often people stumble halfway and return to their banal fears.

  3. “Willpower” is a kind of “muscle” of our personality, our consciousness. And like any muscle tissue, willpower is present at a minimal level in every person, unless they are in a particularly painful state.

    Accordingly, as with any muscle, willpower is pumped exclusively by transferring the “muscle” to a stressful state: transferring the load that is adequate for the current state of willpower. From which a fairly simple conclusion follows: to pump up willpower, at any given moment, when you are faced with a dilemma between what your brain defines as right, useful, difficult and what requires less energy, you need to choose the first option.

    It sounds simple, but in fact, without one important element, it is poorly applicable in practice and even threatens to break down. Namely, the dilemma should be made in favor of the first option only in those situations that you can do at the moment. For example, if you do not consider it necessary to wash every day, then it is still too early to talk about consciously losing weight or quitting smoking. Or, if you constantly postpone work until later, then you don't have to talk about the vaunted “self-development”, “learning English”, etc., if you really want to get at least something useful out of it.

    Start with a simple one and bring it to the point where the dilemma in these questions will no longer arise at all. Then, increase the workload, keeping a daily schedule and expense log helps very well.

    You will never be able to completely subdue yourself, this is the nature of man. And you don't have to, really.

    Good luck to you and all of us in this difficult task!

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