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  1. my friend quit smoking, well done, scolds me, but I don't smoke much, I can't quit. Leave me and live in peace, no, I need you any, if you want to smoke, smoke, but you'd better quit…like that.

  2. For me, a non-smoker, everything is extremely simple. Does the girl smoke? For God's sake, it's her own business, and I'll never even hint at quitting. You need to respect the choice of an adult.

    But there is one exception – I would not have a serious relationship with her. Only friendly communication. Well, maybe only in exceptional cases. And what? This is my own business, and my choice should also be respected. Although I understand that the main thing is “that a person should be good”, nevertheless “they are met by their clothes”. And here is such a subjective matter (I will not roll boring sheets about harm to health) – it smells unpleasant. And in my subjective collective farm and backward view, it looks aesthetically vulgar. As vulgar as stockings in a very large mesh and flashy bright cosmetics.�

    In the end, most often advanced girls reject guys who have dirty nails, hair, general unkemptness and untidiness in clothes. But they can also be very good and decent people in fact.

  3. Personally, I am negative. I don't like it when people smoke-especially when girls smoke. I think this is stupid and killing your own and other people's health. Smoking in my eyes does not add any originality, beauty or sexuality. Just stupidity, just addiction, just following other fools.

  4. People who are currently only indirectly related to smoking(former and passive smokers) wrote above, but I will still express the male position on the part of the smoking person : I like smoking girls, they make you feel more relaxed, at least in the sense that you can smoke with them at any time, without thinking about whether she likes it or not. You don't have to constantly chew gum, you don't have to be constantly nervous about what she will think of you.�

    Yes, and I think the kiss of a smoker with a smoking girl is more pleasant than the one when someone does not smoke. But these are all advantages exclusively from practice. From aesthetics, again, I will say that I like smokers more, well, they attract something.

  5. In no case do I promote smoking, but I can definitely say that smoking has sexual overtones. Women hold their cigarettes so that their slender wrist is visible, which distinguishes them from men, a kind of flirtation. The psychology teacher told me

  6. A cigarette suits the grandfathers, harsh, unshaven lout with no higher than average education. Face the cops, the military. And so on. But a woman's cigarette is aesthetically harmful, perhaps, in all cases. From the point of view of health, smoking is harmful to everyone. This shortens your life by 10-15 years. But no, there are plenty of fools. Continue. Strange human nature.�

    In short, if a man smokes-sad, but at least aesthetically, culturally understandable. If a woman smokes – even sadder and even uglier. Leftists and other feminists are invited to dislike.

  7. Everything is simple. And it always comes down to one thing. If a man / woman smokes, he / she usually doesn't care if others smoke. If you do not smoke, then there are all sorts of irritations, ranging from a banal smell, ending with moral calculations on the topic.�

    If there are non-smokers among your friends who say that they don't care or they are used to it, then you should know that they are lying.

  8. Does that change anything?�

    I'll give you my theory. I like people who smoke, but not all of them. Many people say that a cigarette doesn't suit a girl.. And I will tell you that this girl is not suitable for this sample of tobacco products. There is a maramoyka who, even with a cigarette, even without, causes disgust, and there is a girl with the grace of a cat, who is like that in everything. Therefore, do not evaluate the ladies in pieces, take a whole image. Otherwise, it turns out that you are narrow-minded and limited.

    And in general, what is the point of these discussions? Have a smoke and everything will pass.

  9. In fact, I'm already so used to smoking girls that it seems completely natural to me and sometimes even sexy. I've never smoked myself, kissing right after a girl finishes a cigarette doesn't cause any negative emotions.

  10. Above was the answer that non-smokers are lying, they say, they don't care about the smoking environment. I have never smoked in my life, but my environment consists only of people who are addicted to it. You know, I don't really care if someone else is smoking or not. I don't know what the big deal is. If you like it, smoke it.

  11. Ambivalent.

    In general, when a girl smokes-it is rather uncool.

    But honestly, when you kiss a girl who smells like perfume and good (!) cigarettes, it's at least delicious.

    And, well, exciting.

  12. I don't know about men, but I can say that smoking habits are an important factor. Agree, there are girls (and guys too) who smoke SEXUALLY, and you want to watch them and ask them to smoke more, just to enjoy this aesthetic. But there are people for whom smoking is simply not suitable a priori. Such people usually become the” scapegoats ” of society, and for the most part, all the negativity from others who condemn smoking is directed to these people. By the way, it is to them that the most statements about smoking fly.

    Just my opinion.

  13. The question has already been initially posed “As a matter of fact”,so it is obvious that answers expressing a negative opinion will not be accepted.

    That's the problem,why create an illusion?
    If I lead a healthy lifestyle, of course, I have no desire to create a relationship with a girl who is addicted to bad habits.

    People deceive themselves, it's stupid.

  14. If you discard tolerance, then how to stinky))

    Elegant and sexy smoking women – one in a thousand. Sometimes, I won't hide it. The rest of them are banal stinkers.

  15. Like an animated ashtray when I don't smoke myself (political correctness, you say?) . I don't care when I smoke.

    In general, this is a personal matter for each individual and his responsibility. The girl considers it necessary to smoke-on health. I have no power to forbid her to do so.

  16. A smoking woman is vulgar and no longer fashionable (and neither is a man). Try to kiss the ashtray-the feeling is about the same. Yellow teeth, unpleasant smell-this is definitely not the girl of my dreams.

  17. I have a negative attitude towards both women and male smokers.

    I think these people are weak. All of them justify themselves with problems, but this is just as stupid as covering up the answers of people who are against smoking.�

    You here zaminusovali answer, and that you have that the character has become stronger, wiser, maybe you smell better?

    No, this did not happen, only once again demonstrated their weakness.

  18. A man has several types of relationships with a smoking woman. If a woman is a real friend or a candidate for a wife – sharply negative. If it is regarded as an acquaintance, a good friend or a girlfriend for a frivolous relationship, then at least let her get stoned. If a man considers a woman a friend or a candidate for a wife, but has a positive attitude towards this woman's smoking , most likely he is an unpromising person or a hidden enemy of this woman. That's what all normal men subconsciously think.

  19. As well as to smoking men. It seems to me that this is a kind of Soviet stereotype that a smoking woman is disgusting and not right. By the way, it is difficult to understand the source of this stereotype. There were many smokers in the Soviet Union. Women were no exception, just remember the Soviet films. Recently, however, women who smoke are increasingly blamed. And this is exactly the Russian trend. As a person who has lived all my life in Europe, I can say that in those countries in which I lived (Italy, Austria, Great Britain) this is not observed. Half of my smoking friends and acquaintances are women. And I've never seen any censure. By the way, in Russia and other ex-Soviet countries, there is also a certain culture of segregation. A good example is the popularity and huge selection of “women's” cigarettes, slim, toothpicks. In Europe, this type is represented by one or two brands, they are not sold much and they are smoked mainly by Russian immigrants, elderly / Balzac-age women who spend one pack per month and prostitutes (In Austria there are a lot of them because it is legal).

    I don't think I answered the question very accurately, but figs with it.

    It seems to me that adequate men treat all smokers equally and most likely neutrally. I personally have a positive attitude because I smoke myself and I think that a girl who exhales smoke is fucking sexy.

  20. Negative. Maybe someone is happy to inhale tobacco smoke, but certainly not me. Maybe someone thinks that a cigarette gives coolness or something else.

  21. The question does not make sense, because it is formulated incorrectly-it is assumed that there is a general male view of a certain standardized smoking woman. At the same time, it is impossible to say that there is any general male view of any subject of discussion at all-even a woman, even a man, even a political structure.

    In general, this is a detector question on the topic “thequestion.ru not the same anymore.” When I started following this site, I did it because it asked a lot of practical or at least interesting questions that had two important properties:: they have a clear target audience — who might be interested – and they have an answer.

    This is a standard meaningless question, the very wording of which excludes the possibility of answering it. And such questions come across my eyes more and more often. And questions that would be interesting or useful to know the answers to are lost. Their place is taken by blurry formulations with no chance of a clear answer, but they open up a lot of opportunities to just make fun of it so that everyone can feel like an expert. At the same time, the experts themselves have nothing to do here, because there are no experts on the issues of men's attitude to women's smoking.�

    This is not what you expect from a site that promises to find answers to my questions. This is already some kind of zhezheshechka, meaningless and merciless.

  22. I am neutral, and even good. I consider this as an occasion to communicate with someone with whom you usually do not have time to communicate in a normal environment. Girls are becoming more sociable or something)

  23. I've never disliked smoking girls, and I want to smoke, for God's sake. Who am I to teach others?

    By the way, this is very suitable for some girls. For some reason, it's always easier to find a common language with them

  24. First of all, I should say that I have a negative attitude to smoking. A useless habit. Legal drug addiction.�

    Kissing a smoker is disgusting. Of course, if you smoke and forget what the taste and smell are, it doesn't matter.

    Nice smokers, I've only seen them in movies. In my life, I do not catch a cigar in a woman's hands/lips.�

    And given the fact that they , as a result of smoking, are very sick( yes, you carefully ignore this, more cosmetics and everything is OK), I don't see anything good.

    In the end, until everyone understands what smoking is and what its harm is, I will argue.

    In the meantime, you know, women who would become healthier and more beautiful from smoking, I personally have not seen, and I doubt that anyone else, when I see the opposite effect very often.

  25. The answer is concise: negative (but not always visible, since everyone's choice)

    Unfortunately, a concise answer is not accepted by default. I'm writing this to type 140 characters.

  26. I have two friends ( chairs…. sorry), roughly speaking two camps . One smoker , the other does not . Naturally, a smoking friend absolutely does not care about smoking girls �, he even goes �plus my bad habit, because whitefish shoots without interruption. But a non-smoker constantly puts on glasses and arranges monotonous lectures on the topic a la ” WELL, YOU're A GIRL!”, to which he just flies smoke from cigarettes in his face . I take a drag on the last cigarette from the pack�, adding this answer eh 😁

  27. It is impossible to sum up the overall result on this issue, as well as on any other. Since there is no general opinion. A strange stereotype that men can at least come to a common denominator in any issue. We don't have a common mind. Personally, I have a very negative attitude towards smoking girls, and as it turned out earlier, there are men who really like smoking girls. How many people – so many opinions

  28. Everyone is treated differently. I don't smoke myself. There are a few smoking friends. I treat them normally. I treat women who smoke and I just talk to them normally. But there will be no other relations with them than friendly ones. You'll have to kiss that too, brrr. And this smell really annoys me.

  29. Regarding the male attitude, for obvious reasons, I can not say much. The vast majority of guys around me don't like smoking girls. Just like that. And the vast majority of girls around me smoke.�

    I smoke my own stuff. Of course, I don't feel very good about my habit, but I don't want to quit.�

    Therefore, we will look for prynets without such principles)

  30. As one of the respondents wrote, the question is meaningless, because it is “general”. I will translate it into a particular one: I have a negative attitude. I'm not a prude at all, but in the case of smoking, I have a negative attitude towards smoking girls. Like “you still have to give birth”. Well, that's it, sorry, who didn't like the answer)

  31. old men sometimes cling to me on the street. “and if the children see, what an example!”, ” you still have children to give birth to, shameless.” rarely-men of 45 years old, apparently from the working class, specially attach themselves closer and start swearing indignantly about steam locomotives and “fucked up” (these are probably those who recently quit smoking; do you want to drive off on someone without the consequences of a bruise?). and it's sooooo rare for athletic-looking young people twice my age to make very tactful comments about me to their friends as they pass by, like ” a normal chick, I wish she hadn't smoked yet.”

    the rest of us probably don't care. familiar men do not say anything, I try to smoke as far away from strangers as possible.

    fans of smoking women have already unsubscribed here, to be honest-it's very unexpected that so many positive reviews. it really seems that everyone, except for units, doesn't care.

  32. There is a stereotype that a smoking girl, and indeed a smoking person in general, is just a constant sickening tobacco smell, the taste of ash, and so on. A person who takes care of himself, even if he smokes, does not allow himself to “stink”; the first minutes, of course, the smell is present, but, for example, I periodically lubricate my hands with moisturizer, smoke on the street(where the smoke disappears faster), use perfume, observe hygiene, that is, my head(the smell remains in my hair), brush my teeth once a day – as many-as necessary, and so on. And my non-smoking acquaintances / friends for all the time told me that I draw tobacco from me-2-3 times, no more.�

    My answer isn't much off topic, but still. And apparently, those who have such a stereotype in their life-they only came across such smoky, drunk ladies, which is not only unpleasant for you to look at.

  33. Not that it would be a decisive factor in choosing a partner, but minus definitely, the smell, the waste of money, plus female beauty clearly does not benefit from this, sexuality is achieved not at the expense of a cigarette in your teeth, but at the expense of a normal figure and a healthy appearance, which a cigarette definitely does not contribute to.

  34. In general, don't give a fuck, so don't give a fuck that it's fucked up, smokes and smokes-let them, if you like, I also smoke, so why wouldn't a girl smoke (yes, when 140 characters are typed)

  35. As for the locomotive, this is the first one. Moreover, it is absolutely not important whether this individual is a girl or a guy. Since there are no objective reasons to smoke in nature, they are divided into 2 categories: # censorship# who know that they themselves take a good ten years of life and continue to ruin their health and dementia-minded people who apparently do not know about this and just smoke, believing that it is cool to relieve stress, to have something to talk about, for company and similar heresy. A cigarette is just as much a drug as a prohibited substance, but the fact that it is legal does not make it harmless. How can you watch a person use a drug and consider it the norm? For some reason, if I throw spice, everyone will say that I'm finished, but if I smoke no. Double standards? There is no excuse for this. And this must be dealt with harshly.

    Before you take a negative vote, put yourself in one of the categories above.

  36. I am absolutely neutral. I'm a non-smoker, and my girlfriend smokes and I don't see anything wrong with it. Sometimes they ask :” And when she smokes next to you, what do you do?”. The answer is simple: I continue to do what I did before, and to pretend like some that I am choking on smoke is completely idiotic. Yes, we both understand that this is harmful to the body, and once again I think it's stupid to reproach her for this, since this will only lead to an absolutely unnecessary quarrel. When she has enough willpower, she will quit, and I will only support her.

  37. Naturally, I can't say for everyone, but for statistics, it's negative. And to smoking guys too, at least because of bad breath.
    I remember once going on a bus to another city and a smoking man was sitting in the back. So when he sighed languidly, pouring out all his emotional experiences in my direction, I wanted to cry, because this smell was similar to the smell of decomposing cow carcass, doused with formaldehyde and smeared with thoroughly sour crushed potatoes (who knows what kind of sickening smell it has, he will understand). And since there were no seats available, I unfortunately could not change.

    And smoking girls who do not follow what happens after they actually smoke, over time, the same smell from the mouth appears during the day.
    So guys, it's better to float, it does not cause discomfort to the interlocutor, but also adds an interesting topic for discussing the varieties of smells, the principle of operation and other related points.

  38. I'll tell you what I think. I had a smoking girlfriend. And it was disgusting to kiss her. What did she say? For the sake of love, you can be patient. And so. Not only is it bad for your health, unprofitable for your pocket, but it's also unpleasant to kiss. �You can minus me, but it's true.

  39. As a non smoking man dating a smoking woman I can say

    If a woman smokes a lot (a pack or two a day) this causes concern for her health, as I believe that this is a great harm.

    If a woman smokes cigarettes with certain flavorings, this is also unpleasant, since I can't stand some odors.

    In other cases, it is normal and generally her business. Even on the picch to the question, you can see that a smoking woman can be sexy.

  40. In principle, nothing. Whether it's a man or a woman, a cigarette doesn't add sexiness. Doesn't make any of them grow up. Although of course there are a couple of people who think the opposite, but I don't belong to them.

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