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  1. Like many specialists, I also tend to believe that diseases of this kind have a genetic background and can “wake up” due to various stressful, psycho-traumatic events. Unfortunately, as with various addictions, there is no cure as such, but there is remission. And if we talk about schizophrenia, then it is already possible that we are talking about a break between attacks, and not a complete cure or remission.

  2. In addition to the experts ' answers, I can recommend two books written by women who once had schizophrenia. They were able to heal and describe what was happening to them. Very informative!

    1. Lauweng Arnhild. Tomorrow I was always a lion. Samara, 2012.
    2. Seshey Marguerite. Diary of a schizophrenic girl. Introspection of a patient with schizophrenia during psychotherapy treatment. Moscow, 2013.

    Also check out the fascinating non-fiction books by British neurologist Oliver Sacks. He talks about a variety of mental disorders that were encountered in his medical practice.

  3. “take for example dating sites. The vast majority of users of these resources are people who, for some reason, do not have the skill to create a harmonious relationship with the opposite sex.”

    this is an unfounded statement. Just because I'm looking for a computer online doesn't mean I can't or can't go to the store. This means that I save my time and expand my selection.

  4. you've already answered about “how”, but what's going on in your head…

    This happens unnoticed. In depression, for example, you see the whole world, yourself, life, relationships through a veil of negativity, weakness, demotivation, nothing seems important to you and has at least some meaning, the colors are faded, thinking is distorted in the direction of “everything is bad”, consciousness draws pictures of you-a loser and an unfair world.

    But you can feel the abnormality of what is happening only in contrast, for example, when starting treatment with antidepressants. And so you just get used to living like this…

    In hypomania, the opposite is true, consciousness turns into a “cornucopia” and you gush with non-standard ideas, you have a lot of time, everything and everything around you seems beautiful, ideas appear on how to change the world for the better, you seem to yourself the smartest and most beautiful, you don't eat much, you don't sleep much (it looks like amphetamine).

  5. Difficult question.Rather, schizophrenia, etc.mental illnesses are inherited.

    In schizophrenia, people hear voices telling them to kill someone.They see silhouettes, don't eat, and develop depression.

  6. It's a good question, a succinct one, and you can talk about it for weeks. The main theory is considered to be genetic. That is, a person acquires certain genes that are responsible for certain features of his nervous system and higher nervous activity — this is the number one moment. Point number two — the right chemical processes are very important, which are formed from early childhood and enter into a certain framework, which can be called the reactivity of the nervous system, reaction mechanisms, and so on. These moments are very tightly coupled with educational processes — that is, they will teach a person to respond correctly to certain external events in his life or not. The last point is the presence of some kind of stress, both physical and psycho-emotional, which often serves as the starting point — the point of illness.

    Very often, drugs can be harmful from the outside, when, for example, a person has tried something, his mental experiences, including hallucinatory ones, are vivid and powerful. And the effect of the drug ends, but the condition does not change, and it remains there.

    Sometimes there are powerful stresses and emotional loads — the student passes the session, does not sleep, does not eat, loads his head, and then we get such a powerful reaction.

    Also, harms can be within the framework of infectious conditions — a severe infectious disease with a high temperature can give such a powerful failure, which then results in a certain mental disorder.

    There are different forms of schizophrenia — there are early forms that manifest themselves in early,early childhood, there are more tolerant and loyal forms that manifest themselves in adulthood, and there is an idea that chemical reactions are disrupted in the head at this moment — electrical conductivity processes are disrupted, which some scientists associate with edema of deep-lying brain cells. All this is quite difficult and so far it is only a theoretical process.

    The person himself may be aware that he has a mental disorder-people come to a psychiatrist, say that something is happening to them, something is wrong with them, they do not see well, they do not hear well, they do not sleep well, and all sorts of thoughts and visions come to them. Sometimes a person does not realize that something is wrong with him, but this happens much less often. As a rule, people are aware of everything, and therefore psychiatrists of the Serbsky Institute often recognize people as sane and capable of being responsible for their actions, because “I don't remember, I don't hear, I don't understand” — this happens extremely rarely and in very acute forms.

  7. this happens unnoticed. it's just that at some point you realize that something is wrong. well, if you start the disease, then later you do not realize that you are sick. the exact causes are still unknown

  8. Changes in the psyche occur when exposed to external factors,such as:stress, alcohol, drugs, medical drugs, childhood injuries, and life threats.After the influence of one or several factors (depending on temperament), a person changes certain beliefs in his psychology:beliefs, motivation, principles.

  9. What an interesting topic! Well, if we talk specifically about schizophrenia, then we should first turn to the meaning of the word. Literally from the Greek language, this term translates as-split soul (schizo-split, delaminate and fren-soul). A person's consciousness is divided into parts, he begins to experience hallucinations, either auditory (voices in the head) or visual, or both. All these parts begin to struggle for independent existence in the world (even if this world is psychic). In general, this inevitably leads to suffering, because what should be whole has lost its integrity, and this always leads to suffering – this is the law of nature. This is what concerns schizophrenia.

    If we talk about mental disorders at all, then there are many of them. And you can ask any more or less competent psychotherapist, and he will confirm that there is not a single mentally healthy person on Earth. As for the “houses of mourning”, they play an important role in society, people who have reached the limit are sent to such institutions-people who are incapacitated, useless for the system. In other words, when your insanity has grown to such a stage that you cannot interact harmoniously with the outside world, or even pose a danger to yourself and others, you are framed. And this is only if you occupy a fairly well-off level in society, that is, you have relatives who will pay for your maintenance there. Well, at least in Russia and the CIS so.

    And now we come to the most interesting question: how do you know how crazy I am? Or here's another good question: how crazy are the people around me? And the answers to these questions can only be found by studying in depth the nature of the human psyche. And here's another thing, the living conditions have changed a little bit now than, say, 20 years ago. If earlier a person carried his madness in himself and no one cared about it, now these people are free to write about their problems in social networks, create public posts and spread their sick thinking to the masses. After all, if a person has some mental disorders, this does not mean that he can not have the strengths of his personality. Such people may well become leaders of various political parties, for example, or religious movements.

    In general, it is not difficult to identify people with disabilities, take at least for example dating sites. The vast majority of users of these resources are people who, for some reason, do not have the skill to create a harmonious relationship with the opposite sex. In general, you can find a lot of examples of the manifestation of insanity, which remains for the time being, within the framework of legal capacity within society. But I'll stop there for now. I hope I managed to convey the main idea.

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