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  1. People in extreme old age, when they realize that there is not much left to live, first of all have regrets. And none of those terminally ill people ever mentioned sex or entertainment. Most often, dying people, especially men, said: “I wish I worked less.”

    A nurse caring for patients in the last weeks of their lives has listed five things that dying people regret. Bronnie Ware is an Australian nurse who has worked in the palliative care unit for many years. She took care of patients for the last 12 weeks of their lives, recording their dying words, which she later published on her blog (Bonnie Ware-Blog).

    Bronny writes about the amazing clarity and enlightenment that people achieve at the end of their lives and what their wisdom can teach us. “When people were asked what they most regretted, or what they would have done differently in their lives, they mostly talked about the same thing.”

    Here are five things that people most often regret before they die::

    I wish I had the courage to live my life the way I wanted it to be, not the way others wanted it to be.

    “This is most often regretted. When people realize that their life has come to an end and look back with a clear head, it is very easy to see that many of their dreams never became reality. Most people haven't been able to achieve even half of what they dreamed of. They die and know that the reason for this lies in the decisions that they made or did not make themselves. Health gives a person freedom, and many people realize this only when they are no longer there.”

    There was no need to work so hard.

    “Every male patient I cared for spoke about this. They didn't see their children grow up and didn't spend much time with their spouse. Some women also spoke about this, but since many of the patients belonged to the older generation, they were not forced to earn their bread. All the men I looked after were very sorry that they had given so much of their lives to hard work.”

    I should have been more bold and open about my feelings.

    “Many people have suppressed their feelings in order to maintain peaceful relationships with others. As a result, they have secured a mediocre life without ever becoming what they might have been. Bitterness and regret are the causes of many people's illness.”

    4. I should have kept in touch with my friends.

    “In most cases, they did not realize the true value of friendship until the last weeks of their lives. Many were so busy with their own affairs that they lost precious friendships in the course of their lives. Many people very much regretted that they did not give their friends enough time and attention. Everyone who dies misses their friends.”

    5. If only I allowed myself to be happier.

    “I hear these words surprisingly often. Many people have not fully realized that being happy is a decision. They are stuck in old patterns and habits. The so-called “convenience of habit” dominated their feelings and their daily lives. The fear of changing things led them to deceive themselves and others into thinking that they were happy with everything, even when deep down they really wanted to be able to have a real laugh or fool around for once.”

    As the ancient Indian psychologist Yagyavalki said: A person has two needs to love, and to be loved. Therefore, learn to love others and others will definitely give love a hundredfold. Then you will not have big regrets, but only pleasant big memories.


  2. At any age, life is worth living. And from it, life, no one has ever left alive.

    Yes, there is a slight regret that more has been lived than is probably left… But there are so many interesting things around, not done, not read, not seen! Then what's the point of regret? We must move on with our lives. There is an experience of past years that tells you what is still good and what is bad. Use it!

    Sometimes people ask me if I would like to change something in my life or live it anew. No. Not a single day. I think that if we give up some days, we also give up ourselves. No, I prefer to keep in mind the good and not so good, to live today, but also to think about tomorrow: no one has canceled my dreams at any age.

    There is a folk wisdom: where you are destined to die, you will come when you are destined, and not a day earlier. Aren't we there yet?” Wonderful! So we live on.

  3. Over 60 years? No, many people simply do not live up to this age. The fact that the best years are behind you, you start to think already in your 50s, and I think that everyone has different feelings. The main thing is to grow up and not be afraid of it, to correspond to the age at which you arrive, to be natural and not be afraid of anything, including death, it is the inevitable end of our earthly life, there comes a time when it is “time to think about the soul”, although you should always think about the soul, do not get attached to the

  4. I turned 50 in January. My grandson was in his second year. Everything is quite calm, bearable. But the idea that there are still 20 years of infirmity, ill health, and need ahead of us-this leads to despair. I don't want to live. I look forward to death with hope. This is the only way to change your environment and this reality. Life forces you to participate in the insanity called “work in production”, where lies and hatred for each other and for your business permeated both the souls of people and the walls themselves. Relationships with loved ones – confusion, envy, jealousy and again lies, lies.. People have gone wild and become extremely stupid. Young people hate their life, but they hope to change it. With maturity comes a bitter understanding that this is forever, and then it will only get worse, there will be pain in the body, a sense of burden for loved ones and poverty, in which nothing is shameful anymore. There is no hope for a calm, measured existence in respect, with small joys and holidays, contemplation of growing children, waking up nature, snow, rain, the pleasure of delicious food and a kind person nearby. This is how I imagine paradise. For this bright, quiet joy, you need to die. And death must be earned by living in this monstrous place, where we are destined to share the fate of worms crawling in the corpse of the country.

  5. Everything depends on the level of development of a person, on his education, on his worldview, and not on age. Those who never think about death live thoughtlessly in their 20s, 50s, and 70s. A reasonable person always remembers death. A person is equally mortal at 20 and 60. Each of us can die at any moment – death is always near, so it's silly to think that we are approaching it with age. Many people do not even live to 25, although their health is fine. He is intelligent who knows that death is not far off, and always remembers it. For such a person, age does not matter, because he understands that death is always on his doorstep. One ill-considered act, carelessness on the road, carelessness at work – and now she had crossed the threshold. A broken blood clot, about which the person did not know anything, strong emotions, news not expected – and all the same-death is no longer outside the door, but in the house. So that people are different from each other, and it is impossible to generalize here – everyone has their own head and their own understanding of life and death.

  6. I've never been free of worries. In the family, she was the eldest daughter, responsible for the younger ones. Then I was responsible for my family, my children, my husband, and my job was such that I had to be the first person and take responsibility for the team, even if it was small. And now I'm 73, leaving soon. And I finally have a clear understanding that my time for freedom has come. The children are doing well, the pension is not bad at present, and no one is trying to get it, everyone has their own money. I felt like I was released. I read a lot, write a lot, I can cook something delicious, I can do nothing all day. I can go where I want, or rather, where my not very healthy legs will take me. I can think about what I want and how I want. My old age is my perfect time. And now I think: did I really feel so burdened by the constant responsibility? It turns out so. And so, death is getting closer and closer, and how do I feel about it? I think: well, okay, I'll pay for the last beautiful years of my life. It's a good thing I still have them. At least at the end of my life.

  7. If a person feels something, then they are most likely alive. It is unlikely that feelings change with age. You feel sleepy when you want to sleep, you feel hungry if you haven't eaten for a long time, everything is as usual. And I still don't understand why something should change. And death is always there, at any age. Is it scary that death is getting closer? But if you are afraid, and every day more and more, what kind of life is it? I'm happy in the morning that I have another day ahead of me. We don't know how it will end, but it is there, and that's a good thing. How many of them are left? Maybe more than a twenty-year-old neighbor? It's not even interesting to know. There is a regret that I lost some of the privileges of my youth, but I also gained some! What did you lose? The attention of young girls? But not everything is Shrovetide for cattle. But I can sleep until the evening, because at night I was doing something interesting (movies, books, the Internet.), and I can afford it without fear of consequences. So I don't know why life after 60 is worse than before forty. I'm better off, others have their own circumstances. One aspect is that now I'm not afraid of anything. I'm not afraid that I might die without living my life.

  8. In biology, there is a law – the life span of mammals is 5-7 periods of development.

    The period of human development is approximately 25 years, i.e. the average life expectancy of a person should be 125-175 years.

    BUT, in fact, in most cases it is limited to only three periods. The reason is not in the biological framework. Improper lifestyle, environmental pollution and many other factors provoke diseases, premature cell destruction, and DNA damage.

    In general, there is something to think about…

    10: 35-11: 11 (F. G. Uglov – …a person should and can live 180-200 years…):


  9. After 60 years, you wonder what you haven't done, seen, or felt in this life yet… I don't know about the others , I'm in a hurry to live. Like any woman who in her youth did not have the opportunity to dress up , you buy yourself beautiful, expensive things. ( look at Elena Malysheva – she is in every new program in a new, stunning outfit). I want to see the world. You are not afraid to make mistakes, now you understand that it is better to do something, and only then regret it. You're not afraid to take risks. Because you realize that tomorrow may not come..

  10. I will write about myself,I am 60 years old,raised three daughters and a son.I believe that I have fulfilled my feminine destiny.There were disappointments in both marriages and children!But if you do not blame anyone,do not engage in samoyed eating,then life is beautiful at any age!I don't write about envy and anger at all,it's not about me!Of course, it's a little scary, no one has canceled illnesses and infirmities,but this is an inevitability, like the arrival of the season!So why be sad about it?I dreamed of living by the sea,I live!Let on a rented one, but we go to the beloved sea with our beloved son and watch, breathe, dream!Emu19let, while my like-minded person.We travel a little, for our own modest reasons. opportunities!I stopped working two years ago, the main thing is health, movement and a positive attitude!Honestly, I counted how many years I lived in love,in the one when the heart stops with happiness!Over 25 years old!And now I think that the best time for me has now come!I looked at the mountains out of the window and told my son about it,he replied that he was happy to be near me at such a time!Hugged,kissed,we have such a routine, several times a day we thank each other for everything ,for what we are!I've been preparing myself for a year now,how to spend a year without him, but with my mother!She is 92 years old, lives far away,I will fly to her,take care of her,feed her delicious food, walks and daily care will give her the strength to live more, and I will have joy and satisfaction

  11. Old age somehow the witch crept up unnoticed! Turned 60 managed to retire and my wife managed to.. exactly five years younger than me..but we were happy early.. I have a pension of 9 and she has 9..)) and now they made some deductions she has 5 and I have 5..)) let's say this is nonsense.. I got a pension 5 times and had a heart attack..and I have 2 scenarios invented, but not fully written.. I've been writing for 20 years… I know exactly what a world-class masterpiece is.. and the cottage is not completed and the grandson is 2 years old.. in short, you can not die! for the life of me!! )) So I became a bit of a bummer. I quit drinking and smoking in one fell swoop.. but it didn't add to my health… And don't let the super daredevils lie, I'm not afraid of death! everyone is afraid.. just because of diseases and unsettled life (in this bad country) comes fatigue from life.. that's when a person is exhausted, humbles himself and seems not to be afraid of anything at all… you can then obvyazavshis grenades jump into the crowd of enemies, and pulling the ring to shout! what you really think about them…)))

  12. At this age, you want to live for real. Lose hundreds of masks that you put on in different life circumstances. I want to do something real, and most importantly-no longer lie, neither to others, nor to yourself!

  13. The main thing is to be optimistic and relate to life normally, to understand that we are not eternal. And you can be happy in these years for sure, the main thing is to find the right occupation for yourself.

  14. “Will you look inside yourself? “there is no trace of the past there: joy, anguish, and everything is insignificant…”And life, as you look around with cold attention, is such an empty and stupid joke…” M. Y. Lermontov

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