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  1. How they can: by actions, words, looks, behavior, appearance, hints, positioning, choice, and lifestyle.

    Freedom implies the ability to take responsibility. If you can provide yourself with everything you need, then you are more free than those who are willing to give up some of their freedom for safety or a roof over their heads. If you can have your own way regardless of the opinions of others, then you are more free than those who are too dependent on approval. This does not mean that you should always have your own way and not listen to other people's opinions-it means that when choosing, you will be guided primarily by your values.

    It is difficult to answer this question more concretely.

  2. There are many defenses. Isolation (this is avoiding trouble), compulsion (this is persistent repetition), intellectualization (this is when we talk about the other person's intelligence), somatization (this is when we start to get sick), denial … and a lot more.

    But what people understand by freedom and autonomy is more complicated.

    Classical freedom and autonomy are considered such ways of existence as the life of a hunter-fisherman in nature, away from the city. Or the life of a reclusive monk, the life of a peasant on a farm, the life of a reclusive programmer.

    This is when society needs only what the recluse can buy with his own money.

    Such freedom only needs a way to earn enough money for a single life.

    But often autonomy and freedom are called the state that the princess screamed: “voluntarism! “in the psychological cartoon”Ivan Tsarevich and the Wolf”.

    This is when you want to get everything from your parents before, but you don't want to submit to stupid parental requirements like “get married and give birth to an heir.”

    Here is how to protect their freedoms in such cases, it is already very individual, depending on the nature of the parent who puts forward unacceptable conditions for further detention on their own support.

    It's like finding the key to a person. You need to understand all the strengths and weaknesses well!! sides of this person.

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