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  1. Actually, who wants to have fun in an intimate way and no one will forbid him/her.

    However, I believe that since you are “not like this”(it is still unknown in which direction), then approach potential sexual partners more carefully. Here you need tact and observation.

    It's like you're trying to treat ALL people normally, but suddenly a lesbian hits on you… And you're straight.

    This is shocking to say the least.

  2. Personally, I am more than normal, I even try to support them, because, as we have already written, this is nature, we are born with an orientation. It's not like nail polish-I want one color today, another tomorrow. This doesn't work here.

    And in general, I think that unjustified hatred due to such things as skin color, gender identity and sexual orientation, arise from some kind of self-realization, perhaps?

    Because it's much easier to yell “YAZHMUZHYK, I don't go to srakotan, I fuck chicks” than, for example, to be a good person/friend/husband.

    Well, I got distracted:)

  3. I think that's okay?
    If a girl is straight, an adequate person, then why would she suddenly somehow change her attitude?
    What's the difference between a lesbian, a gay, a hermaphrodite or God knows who else, if the person himself is normal? They didn't choose their sexual orientation, and it's not up to us to judge them for that. In addition, there are also straight people who, in their perversions, are much worse than the same gay/lesbian.
    Imagine a world where heterosexuality is considered something abnormal and unnatural. And you would be constantly under a lot of stress because you would be blamed for “choosing the wrong subject of love”. Not much good, right?

    Put aside your prejudices and let them live in peace.

    True, some homosexuals substitute people like them, holding various gay parades and so on. What, in fact, cause so many negative reactions.

  4. If a person was really born this way, this is his nature and he does not poke everyone in the face with this fact, he lives his own life, then it is neutral.
    But if for him orientation is, as mentioned above, “like nail polish”, which he changes every week depending on who disappointed him in a previous relationship (m or w), then this annoys me.
    Most often, such cases are suffered by teenage girls who have received a non-reciprocal message from a boy and are now lesbians! And then they get bored, and they miss the girls again, and then again some sadness. Plus, very often they are too active in exposing their shaky orientation, which is also annoying. And no, it's not bisexual. Not in this case;)
    By the way, regarding the perception of lesbians by men, I can't accept such a difference in reaction to homosexual relationships. I am equally not aroused by men banging in the ass, or women fidgeting on top of each other with strapons in their hands.

  5. It is individual for each girl. Someone hates lesbians because of internal prejudices and does not even want to be in the same room with a lesbian, someone is absolutely purple what kind of orientation a person has and who he sleeps with, the main thing is to be interesting to communicate, and someone “Oh YOU'RE A LESBIAN KRUUUUTO ALWAYS WANTED TO HAVE A LESBIAN FRIEND TELL ME HOW DO YOU DO IT AND WHY ARE YOU A LESBIAN????”

    I think men also, with the exception of probably the last option. I belong to those who are purple. I don't discuss sex with my lesbian friends, who sleeps with whom, etc., because we have different ideas about sex. They don't tell me how cool it is to sleep with women, and I don't tell them how cool it is to sleep with men. When I meet someone, I immediately identify my orientation, so I don't get bothered, pushed around, or groped. Moreover, lesbian harassment and stupid tackles are not typical. We talk about various topics: school, work, memes, movies, books, TV shows, exhibitions, concerts, etc.. I can complain about a guy and hear her point of view, but I prefer not to do this, since I have bi or straight friends with whom you can discuss guys. That's all there is to it. When I talk to a lesbian, I don't think every 5 seconds that she's a lesbian, because I don't care and I forget about it.

  6. Personally, I have great contempt for homophobia. However, when dealing with unfamiliar (this is important) lesbians/bisexuals, I exercise caution, because it is probably easy to mistake me for one of them. I do not think it is correct to tell unfamiliar people about your orientation without a reason, whatever it may be.�And I'm afraid of sudden kickbacks and awkward situations associated with them.

  7. in general, girls are more loyal to such representatives. and even if girls are negative, you will rarely find aggression on their part.there is an
    opinion that this is due to the potential “-1 opponent”, but no, the same concept does not please men.
    I think it has more to do with the natural softness and kindness of girls. and their desire to “understand the soul” and forgive.

  8. In my opinion, this is so individual. But somehow still more tolerant in general. If the majority of gay men (male) do not digest the spirit, to put it mildly (prejudice and so on), then girls are more loyal.�

    But there are also homophobes and just people who don't care.

  9. I can't answer for everyone, but I'll try it offhand. (further IMHO-alert.)

    I think that the absolute majority is quite neutral and calm about girls of non-traditional orientation. The reasons are simple: historically, intimacy between girls is not considered something terribly shameful or vulgar, when compared with similar situations where the main characters are guys. Sometimes partners are even very difficult to distinguish from “best friends”. Why?�
    Because it is unlikely that kissing girls will be given any super special meaning, maybe they are just “playing in public”. Yes, and there are heterosexual girls who behave with their friends much more depraved in public than a couple of lesbians. In the case of girls, you can never determine their exact orientation until they say so.
    Personally, I have never met a single ardent homophobe, so I still stick to my hypothesis.

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