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  1. Usually people go out of need under such pretexts as: wash your hands/ powder your nose/ something got in your eye

    In my narrow circles, it is customary to speak directly, both among classmates and among friends, there is nothing shameful in this, we are all human😉

  2. Personally, I've heard the following options: �

    I went to leave a message for the police.

    I went to set aside the larva.

    I went to throw off the clay.�

    And you can only hear this in a purely male team)))

  3. I say that I'm going “to a small room”, “to a room for reflection”, or just “I need to go out”, “I'll be right there”. If someone is very incomprehensible and starts asking questions or insisting that I stay, then I say directly that I should go to the toilet.

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