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  1. Why fight? Understand correctly, without any intention of writing something disrespectful… – Such bizarre fears are a great sign that by and large everything is going well in your life.

    Otherwise, this fantasy would have been replaced by much more mundane concerns; they are laughable in life.

    In the meantime, there are concerns like whether that purple beetle over there will turn out to be an evil alien that will take me to its galaxy, or whether I will become a hitman character, or whether it will turn out that the true god is Osiris, and I have not been embalmed-oh! Your life is still beautiful. No kidding.

  2. Dude, let me tell you a secret: it already happened to you this morning. Only you will never know about it, because all your old memories remain with you as before, and the new memories that lay in the head of the new one are indistinguishable from the real ones.

    Well, is it scary? As for me – not a drop. You will never know that you were different. And if it happens to you again , you will also live a new life, as if nothing had happened.

    You know, it's actually kind of fun. Wake up a new person every time… I wonder who I was yesterday. And what will I become tomorrow? However, it doesn't really matter today.

  3. How to deal with the idea that I might fall asleep and wake up with no memory of the past. How to deal with the idea that you can fall asleep and not wake up?

    How to deal with thoughts? You can accept your thoughts rather than fight them.

  4. Evgeny is right, it doesn't make sense to fight this idea. Not because it can't happen, but because if the universe fits together in a certain pattern, you can't avoid it anyway. And fighting the inevitable isn't much. So, of course, no one is immune from immediately changing their body, memory, or life to some other one. Moreover, no one could prove that this does not happen everywhere, on a daily basis. Let's say that yesterday you were someone else. So what is it? Accept this probability, live with it! Who knows where you'll end up tomorrow? I find all this quite fascinating.

  5. No guarantees and no chances.

    To ask yourself such questions, you need to get at least a little closer to them in real life. But all modern medicine assures us that the whole problem lies in our brain.

    But there are alternative versions about parallel worlds, etc., etc.

    Everything for your comfort

  6. Imagine that you will wake up even stronger, cooler and more beautiful person with no less interesting life story) I wouldn't be upset at all, and given that I won't remember anything, I'll become a different person, and this question won't matter at all.

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