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  1. Just because you are not an expert on a particular topic does not mean that you have atrophied the ability to think logically. The easiest and most natural way is to ask questions. I don't understand, but I'm trying to understand . I do not encourage you to find fault with every word, but try to clarify all the dark points for yourself. If a person does not understand, they will talk a lot, for a long time, confusedly, replace the answer to your question with another one, and the most obvious thing is that you will not have a whole picture.�

    Not only will it not be clear to you, but your interlocutor will also confuse himself. I vote “yes” with both hands regarding the statement about terms: a knowledgeable person is able to explain in simple words, because he has a connection between the term and the concept. But when only naked beautiful words…�

    There is a separate conversation about scammers, but it is not so difficult to recognize the stoumovs, who actually do not understand anything about what they are doing. The main thing is not to hide. It happens that I asked something and didn't understand anything from the answer. Confused. And you are silent, you nod, because it is inconvenient to continue to get the person. And sometimes it's just necessary to get it out.

  2. They say too abstruse words.

    Most often, they do not have any proof of знаний knowledge (HSE graduation or work experience in the field).�

    They pretend to be mythbusters, i.e. they go to all sorts of programs on TV, where they “open” people's eyes. They talk about worldwide conspiracies, etc.

    In fact, the most normal way is to fill in the name of this person on the Internet.�

    And it is also important to understand that they play on your emotions and their main task is to hurt you, to interest you. So if someone says to you ,” You want fame, money, and a pussy life, but you don't know how? Just send a text message to our number and you will have everything ” – do not believe them.�

    Yes, here you can also say about all sorts of very obvious nonsense that any normal person quickly recognizes.�

    Also, if we are talking about science, for example, then no scientist will allow himself to speak too categorically or something. I.e., none of them is 100% sure that they are right, no one will tell you an unambiguous answer. And they will not allow themselves to say such things about other industries. They may have their own opinions, but they express them very carefully. I think so. �

    Well, scammers are very good in disputes, often you don't even understand what they are trying to tell you. They answer a question with a question, push their feelings, and use other evasive techniques.

  3. The fraudster must have a motive. The fraudster must have schemes. I can't answer for everyone,but what I saw was this:�

    motive:money, revenge(if someone has crossed the road somewhere along the tree), using the situation for the sake of fawning

    methods: excessive use of terms without explanation(a couple of hours in an hour or two of the session, you will hear something that you know and understand.that this is not related speech or just incorrect statements)

    I haven't seen anything tougher,or I haven't exposed it.

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