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  1. Death for me is the end of my personal existence. The disappearance of a world rich in colors, people (among whom there are those I love and cherish, and who I just like), adventures, and pleasures. �And I want to walk, run, breathe, watch, think, laugh and be sad… and all of the above �(and much more) I have certain feelings. The experience of these feelings and the desire for new sensations, probably ,is the love of life. And if I understand that one day all this will disappear completely, then I'm afraid of this ending. This is the fear of death. But it doesn't stop me from loving life.

  2. The vast majority of people have a very negative attitude towards death, and I am among this majority. Life and death are not multipolar hypostases, but different concepts. Life is not what you have lived or are living for. Life is here and now, and there is nothing to seek or create meaning in living out the time allotted to you. Death will bring all your efforts to naught. After all, the result of nu's efforts is interesting, and death does not allow you to enjoy it.

  3. Quietly. But when the death of relatives is not what you want.Although many people will perceive me as selfish. If you want to leave, then don't. Usually always when you want to leave, lost hope or meaning everything just goes for the best. So if it's hard for you Just don't give up You haven't seen so much yet Everything will be fine

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