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  1. An unfortunate person who is confused in life and dies. He can be a rock star or a yard lover of weed, the essence does not change – a person flies… Trying to hide from himself in the illusion of euphoria, he slowly moves to the destruction of both soul and body. I need help, 100%, I can't do it myself, especially if it's opiates.

  2. If a child is a drug addict, then it is a pity, and if an adult, then where was his head?.Pontopone in traumatology, Promidol in obstetrics, morphine preparations in oncology-all these are derivatives of opiates.Can you start from the roots? After all, you can only kill a reptile if you cut off its head.There will be no herbal drugs-there will be drug addiction.I do not belong to them-the opinion about them is unequivocal moral freaks

  3. With disdain, as well as for drunks. Take as much as you want, but this rabble is to blame for their illness, there is no reason to feel at least some sympathy for them.
    P.S. I advise everyone to learn to be responsible for their actions, and not to whine and demand help

  4. It depends on who is considered a drug addict. If we are talking about people who are really addicted to heavy substances, then I sincerely feel sorry for them, in this case, drug addiction is a disease that will have to spend an incredible amount of effort and nerves to fight, both the addict himself and his close people. I do not think that it is particularly important why a person finds himself in such a situation, if he recognizes his misfortune, is ready to fight it, he deserves understanding.

    If the question also concerns people who periodically smoke “weed”, sometimes use relatively harmless psychedelics, then I think they are completely normal guys, whose addictions can be completely ignored. I do not think that such by the basic definition (drug addiction is a disease..) you can generally refer to drug addicts

  5. Drug addiction is the most terrible thing that can happen in a person's life, the disease is very insidious and difficult. Help, develop, give meaning and opportunities for self-realization, teach to cope with difficulties, and not try to run away from them.

  6. These are sick people ,they can't be trusted and they can be very dangerous, but they need to be saved. Those who occasionally indulge in playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun, a well-lived person will not do so. The quality of life is not a bank account and not something extraordinary rare and extraordinary, a person is the blacksmith of his own happiness. There are successful people with a huge fortune, with a large loving family, many friends, well-known and respected, but they feel unhappy and there is a poor person, without friends and without money, without family, but birds sing in their hearts, everyone chooses for themselves, or the pursuit of an unrealizable horizon of unearthly happiness or the real happiness of simple joys of life here and now. The roots of drug addiction and alcoholism are found in the psychology, worldview of a person, in his habits and desire to somehow relate to life with its joys and sorrows.

  7. I don't consider Anasha and psychedelics drugs, so I will only answer about opioid addicts. There is such an anecdote. A man comes to a sex therapist and says, ” Doctor, I'm gay.” “Are you a ballet dancer? Theater artist? Do you sing on the bandstand? Are you doing creative work? ” the doctor asks. “No, I'm just a worker,” the patient replies. “Dad, then you're not gay,” the doctor replies, ” you're just a regular p## # r.” It's the same with drugs. If a drug addict, for example, a rock star, or someone like that, who can buy a drug for their honest money-I am neutral. In other cases, it is extremely negative. I haven't seen a single drug addict who doesn't steal, cheat, or abuse the trust that his family and friends don't periodically suffer from, if they aren't drug addicts. Even if the addict has never formally violated the law , he is usually capable of simple human meanness, not related to breaking the law, in relation to the same relatives, if it helps to buy the drug. I have not seen drug addicts properly caring for their parents, for example, and fulfilling such obvious obligations-simply because their thoughts and lives are almost completely occupied with the drug. The torment of the so-called “withdrawal” can not serve as an excuse – there are a lot of people experiencing great pain (phantom, cancer, etc.), and they do not incite, do not steal, do not cheat. It is known that “withdrawal” does not cause any damage to the body, except for pain, however, there are a lot of people who are really dependent on the same insulin, and without injecting it, they risk their lives – nevertheless, they also do not cheat, do not steal, do not cheat. Therefore, for me, a drug addict is primarily a hedonist, a person who puts his feelings and momentary wishes of his body above the same concern for loved ones, and therefore a creature that does not cause either respect or a desire to understand.

  8. If they do not violate the law (in any and all senses). then I do not specifically relate to it.

    If they do, I treat them like a criminal. The fact that a dose was needed is not an excuse.

  9. Neutral, because this is not the main feature for making up my opinion about a person. And I am also convinced that there is good in everyone, despite various social cliches and so on. The only thing is, I've sworn off getting involved with stupid drug addicts. I consider such people to be those who overly romanticize drug use, do not know the measure and do not learn from mistakes, do not even try to understand the essence of the issue (the composition and effect of the drug), try to save on the substance (this is generally just fucking up to what scale it reaches – from bad trips due to poor quality, taken for the true effect to much more negative consequences), and waste the potential of the drug completely in vain. Given that I am more or less versed in the topic, for me, communication with such people, if it happens, is a constant facepalm and hopelessness. Until they run into trouble, they won't understand, and even then it's not a fact. It was also influenced by the fact that I had to pump out such individuals, or experience the fruits of their limitations, for me this is no longer covered by most of the good qualities of nature. Otherwise, there is a greater degree of spontaneity in my communication with drug-addicted friends than with those who lead a healthy lifestyle, and I really like it. Well, I also like to conduct experiments on people in altered states, so adequate volunteers are very good.

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