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  1. Very good. At one time, I was interested in psychology, or rather, I was looking for answers to questions about life and people. I discovered Frankl, but it seemed complicated to me. And after a while, Fromma and Rollo Maya. Fromm just struck me with the ideality, simplicity of presentation and genius of the conclusions at the same time. Some thoughts were “mine”. I was in awe=) I copied quotes)

    And also-I was surprised by the ethical approach to psychology, very human – all the previous concepts I read were mechanistic. I couldn't believe that this was psychology, that this is what we really are – selfish robots, everything sorted out into gears. Fromm returned to the psychology of man.

  2. a very smart guy, I agree with all the thoughts I read, it was important at the stage of setting up a solid base to be sure at least of what I think myself, but growth begins when something opposite to the usual and familiar is accepted, so you should not stop there

  3. It's funny to remember, but I came across his book “escape from freedom “in the library of the City Executive Committee in the distant times when the word” Internet ” was still very few people heard. I was struck by the sedition at the heart of communist propaganda. How is this possible? Then I read almost all of his books, and they really influenced me. Partly from the fact that they are written simply and clearly. Yes, and the thoughts expressed are positive. Most of all, I liked the presentation of the problem of alienation of a person from his creative essence. Consumption kills everything human in us, things rule us. And this is serious, gentlemen.

  4. A wonderful person, the author of beautiful works! They simply and easily talk about complex things, and express several points of view, and not just the one that the author supports. I read with a pencil in my hand, sometimes I reread it. His books, as a rule, are small in volume, but after reading them, they make you sit and think, try to find your attitude to the issue, sort out the information on the shelves. I highly recommend “The Art of Loving” and “Escape from Freedom”to everyone.

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