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  1. My attitude is very bad, the sight of a smoking girl is unpleasant to me. There will be no further moralizing, I just answered the question honestly, directly and without any equivocation.

    To be fair, I don't really like guys who smoke, either.

  2. As for ordinary people with addiction. The question is a bit generalizing.
    After all, there are different smokers. Those who, in the presence of non-smokers, realize that they may not like to breathe smoke and try not to smoke in the wind, in the presence of children, or ask first ” do you mind if I smoke?” And there are those who don't care about other people's feelings.
    I don't like the latter.

  3. I can't stand the stink of tobacco, so I don't accept it regardless of gender. I won't even stand next to you. And for smoking on the go in general, it's time to fine, more than once I burned my clothes with ash, I'm already silent about basically not the most pleasant sensations when you wind in your face a handful of red-hot ash from a person walking in front.

  4. Negatively.

    I am a person who reacts violently to pungent odors. Just the smell of tobacco smoke makes me feel sick, and I start coughing, and I just choke. Plus, the smell from a smoking person is also annoying( their breath, the smell from clothes,hair, etc.).�
    Previously, I was not so annoyed , there was a minimal percentage of smokers among my friends, but now, unfortunately, this percentage has increased.

  5. My mother has been smoking for many years, I really, really, really didn't like it, and I still don't like it, I just grew up a little and realized that she is an adult and does what she wants. But against this background, the attitude towards smoking girls is not the most positive, they can go outwardly, but when I see that they smoke, I do not know how to describe it, but I feel a little uncomfortable. Although in principle, if a person catches me, I can compromise and turn a blind eye to some of their bad habits.

    But here I have a friend, he is generally radical about this, for him smoking girls simply do not exist, just “fu” hates them. He finds out that the girl smokes, and that's it, Basta.

  6. Equally negative. I don't like these people because it's their fault that I have to breathe foul smelly smoke and suffocate (if they smoke in public places).

    But even if they don't smoke, it doesn't always help, because their clothes often stink.

    How else can you treat those who cause inconvenience??

    And Yes. I consider them weak-willed.

  7. This is a very personal matter for each person. But if only not in public! It is unpleasant for me to go with the child, to feel the smell in front of me. Especially annoying when moms or dads holding a child in their arms in one rather hand, and in the other a cigarette. Aah, kick-ass, poor crumbs!

  8. It is strange that people who wrote about their negative attitude to smoking, zaminusovali. Apparently, these are smokers who didn't like the negative response.�

    I have a negative attitude towards people who smoke. Especially when people smoke in public places, because I have to breathe smoke, and my clothes can stink of it too. And fortunately, all my relatives and friends don't smoke.

    So if you smoke, then smoke away from people!

  9. Smoking does not characterize a person as good or bad in any way (let's not take into account that these boundaries are rather blurred), but I have a negative attitude towards guys and girls who smoke and have a child at the same time. I think it's no secret what the consequences may be. I don't want to generalize, but almost all the smoking people I know did it so to speak “for show-off” simply because it's cool. If a person had some serious problems and to cope with stress he lit a cigarette-I do not blame him, but in my opinion only weak people do this. But, as we know, everyone has a different pain threshold and we can't judge someone's feelings.

  10. I am very surprised when a lady stands and takes out a cigar, it is not pleasant ,I think if a woman smokes, then society does not have to show it to the male half, too.

  11. Guys are absolutely fine, girls are all fine except mine. Also, they should not prevent me from living either with their smoke or safe steam, and the rest is their choice. I don't smoke myself.

  12. In the beginning, I want to say that I am glad to meet so many non-smoking people here ! I do not really relate to smokers , as it is unpleasant for me and unfortunately not everyone can behave culturally in society ! In addition, it does not even look beautiful from the outside . There are examples among friends when they gave up this habit for the sake of their loved ones . I don't want to break someone's established rituals , so I don't insist on being abandoned , but I'm unlikely to tolerate this either .

  13. It looks strange. Because they know they're poisoning themselves, but they do it. And they get poisoned, poisoned, and smoke and get poisoned again. They poison themselves. Here

  14. I feel fine if they smoke somewhere away from me, and not when I, for example, am standing at a bus stop, and these smokers come up. Or at a pedestrian crossing.

  15. how can you treat those for whom they make special stinky pens (smoking rooms)? any smoking “person” is like a patient suffering from flatulence, which spoils the air for everyone from morning to night.

  16. I treat both girls and boys equally neutral. It's none of my business, and I don't see anything wrong with it. But I have a bad attitude towards smoking guys who harshly criticize smoking women, especially when they are also insulted on the basis of this. As if these guys are any better than them. The same people with the same rights. True, this is their opinion, I'm not going to blame them for it, because it's their right. I just don't understand this attitude.

  17. I try to be neutral. After all, this is a free choice of everyone. Moreover, my husband smokes and it is no longer possible to wean him.�

    But if they smoke next to me, I always try to move away, because cigarette smoke is not pleasant to me.�

    And another conversation with a person who just smoked immediately becomes not the best. Especially if it's a girl. Agree, it is not very healthy when you feel the repulsive smell of cigarette smoke from the interlocutor.

  18. As a person who smokes, I treat myself exactly, although I don't understand the habit of some people smoking on the go (as for me, the buzz is not the same) or at bus stops with a large number of people (they also stink worse than tobacco). And so let them smoke or not smoke, as long as they don't hurt me. I personally smoke only in a comfortable environment – in my own home, where I generally have the right to do what I want, in nature, or in places specially designated for smoking, respectively, I do not accept any complaints in my address. People around me, friends, relatives and men, do not object to my smoking. Of course, I periodically encounter people who try to push me into the general system with the phrases “tyzhezhenshchina” and “tebezherozhat”, but, Thank the Almighty!, I have two official pieces of paper – “armor”: a passport and a professional certificate confirming that I, as a representative of the creative elite, am exempt from any obligations to raise the demographic situation;)

  19. I couldn't find out why, but in the modern world, smoking is a privilege for men. On average-60% of men and 20% of women (statistics vary, but the general concept is approximately the same). That is, a smoking girl is perceived not as a cute feminine angel, which is what most of the… patriarchal population expects from girls :), but as some incomprehensible and protesting against “norms and rules of decency”, and therefore not very pleasant for them, an individual. And a smoking man – well, a smoking man, cho such.

    There are also healthy lifestyle owners, but not just people who live well and take care of themselves (they are cool), but those who passionately want to make their healthy lifestyle, as happiness, mandatory for everyone around them, against their will and consent. They have a negative attitude towards all smokers, but they are more negative towards young ladies, because “you are an expectant mother, you will have to give birth”, we have already mentioned, yes.

    There are just non-smokers who are already fed up with unscrupulous smokers, and I understand them, in principle.

    Then there are the Moralphages, and I don't understand them.

    I smoked for 8 years (and, by the way, I always tried not to disturb others with my smoking, because I want tobacco smoke, they don't, why would I bother them?), two years ago I consciously and painlessly quit, I don't regret either one or the other. Both then and now I was neutral towards smokers, regardless of gender, but I do not approve of smoking pregnant women, smoking next to children M. and J., and smoking children (simple physiology – all these harmful substances will bring much more harm to the child's body than to an adult, and children did not give their informed consent to harm their health).

    A non-smoking husband caught my last three years of smoking, but did not insist on quitting, although he said once in half a year that, they say, it's too bad, but you know what's best for you 🙂 And after I got to the 18th floor on foot faster than he did, he stopped mentioning the harm of tobacco at all (he's in good physical shape, don't think about it, it's just that my lungs and heart probably didn't have time to affect).

    Well, I find it sexually attractive when an already sexually attractive man smokes (I'm only talking about men, since I'm more straight). And the smell – light, not three packs of white sea canal, also always liked. Adds brutality. C)

  20. Negatively. All these cries about “sexism” I can immediately dismiss. I don't understand how some citizens try to cram this into aesthetics and so on. (although what is aesthetically pleasing, when after smoking from the mouth stinks of whitefish remains a mystery that even British scientists have not solved) I went to school with a girl who was a heavy smoker and even when she got pregnant, she didn't quit. As a result: the child was born sick. Cigarettes are generally a manifestation of a person's weakness and dependence.

  21. Very bad.

    First of all, I generally don't like people who smoke (and I already expect a lot of disadvantages), because they really like to blow their fetid smoke in the direction of normal people, ignoring even the ban on smoking at public transport stops.

    Secondly, I'm straight (and I'll get a second round of cons for this), so it's kind of sad to look at a smoking girl if she [was] cute to me.

  22. Absolutely fine. There is no difference whether a person smokes or not. Of course, I smoke a pack of not-so-weak cigarettes myself every day. I would also teach someone about life.

    Another thing is that it has always been unclear why people, whether boys or girls, start smoking at all. What's the joke? What's cool about it? Okay there to try, find out how it is. But to be on a permanent basis, I probably will never understand.

    I started smoking myself because I lost a game of cards on this case, and gambling debt – you know that…

  23. Neutral . This is the decision of each individual – to smoke or not to smoke. No one can impose their point of view on anyone ,and it is not necessary to do so

  24. Girls, I think that at least visually it goes to many, in particular, an example of external similarity with Jessica Rabbit (or maybe Lana Del Rey for newfags). I would call it sometimes part of the image even or the atmosphere.�

    In terms of treating it as an addiction, the main thing is that it would not bother me (no one came up to me and started smoking Belomorkanal) – in this respect, the attitude towards any gender is the same.�

    In terms of health, if they do not affect my passive smoking and well-being, then this is their business. (Note that pregnant women and women with children are not deprived of this privilege, because they also force another person to smoke, even with an element of violence). Kissing is extremely unpleasant – in most cases (on a sober head) the taste of nicotine is very emetic.

  25. In my opinion, the negative attitude towards smoking girls is imposed by society. This pressure from all sides on the same girls and on everyone else in general, of course, affects the attitude. But on the other hand, why does everyone care about smoking girls? Expectant mothers? But this is their body and their business, roughly speaking. Their problems, concerns. So I try my best to treat all smokers in a neutral way, as long as they don't somehow directly affect my life. I'm trying, yes, but it's not working out well yet.

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