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  1. The book is useful, but you need to read thoughtfully and without fanaticism. She taught me to be more tolerant of other points of view and not to argue unnecessarily. Everyone lives in their own model of the world, and what you think is true may turn out to be something else for the other.

    Someone will be deterred by its obvious esoteric background, but this is just a test for awareness of the materialistic position. I didn't see anything in it that was at odds with the lectures on methodology that were given to us at the Institute. Everything is quite simplified, of course.

    Four simple principles:

    • What your attention is focused on determines your thinking, and thinking shapes your actions.
    • Fear destroys your ability to think appropriately.
    • Most of the limitations are in our heads, not in the laws of the world around us.
    • If you feel the limits of your abilities – review your worldview.
  2. This book is not for everyone and should be read by trained people.

    I read it when I was 14 years old.In general, she treats some things more calmly.But the active description of veganism and other such things led to negative consequences for the fragile psyche.

  3. Nothing more than a divorce of enthusiastic idiots with ideas that simply don't work – this is obvious if you evaluate them critically. Ideas that have already been repeated many times and live only due to the fact that they are so “delicious” and pleasant. Zeland, Castenade, some Blavatsky, Secret-these are all such traps for fools.
    It would seem that all this should have remained somewhere in the past, like MMM, zirconium bracelets, torsion fields and charging water from the TV. People should have outgrown it, like a child outgrowing some stupid hobby or fashion and even embarrassing to remember, but no – all the same content in the new cover is sold in huge quantities.

  4. I still think this is the best book of its kind. I listened to it, but I didn't read it, it made me feel better. At that time, a lot of things changed, a look at many things, and most importantly, this book was the beginning of the road to change your life and inner world, the feeling of others.

  5. Well, what can I tell you, comrades, I have long been hearing about the ideas of transurfing reality in general terms. But I never even tried to master this work (s) for lack of interest in the topic . And then, purely by chance, I came across this opus (A Practical Transurfing Course in 78 days) on one of my favorite audio resources and, frankly, I couldn't believe my ears. I naively believed, according to the reviews of people I respected, that this opus “has a motivational orientation and at least some scientific basis” like the works of my favorite Litvak or Levi. But alas, this is the ravings of a grey mare on a moonlit night. “Pendulums”, “mirror of reality”, “space of options”. The author's ideas about the origin of human motivation from outside, allegedly generated by “pendulums”, led me to think about the author's mental ill health and created a feeling of complete presence in the audience. As fiction, with an intriguing storyline ,it might be easy to digest( Pelevin is a much better example), but to take it seriously, God forbid, is a sure sign of a roof leak.

  6. Friends! If you like this “book”, or any other-that's fine! This is “anything is better than drinking vodka!” (c) Of course, this does not make esoteric nonsense serious reading in itself, and it cannot even claim to be scientific. But! It's not my place to teach you. The main thing is that you believe, and everything is fine with you.

  7. I read it about fifteen years ago. At first, I was inspired that here it is, an easy way to change your life. Then I realized that it doesn't work=) Now I think that this is also an example of some kind of self-programming. When you program yourself for a goal, you unconsciously make choices that will lead you to it.

    My problem was that I didn't represent exactly what you might call a life path, these things were beyond my control and my choices. You might as well make a wish for a shooting star.

    In general, if you take the book not as a magic wand, but as recommendations for self-programming, then it is quite good.

  8. I didn't finish reading it, although it's interesting. I believe that the main thing is not to get lost in your own illusions, and this book, it is just an illusion of reality, its own philosophy, its own very individual paradigm of views on the world. Such things should be treated very carefully, so as not to lose the sense of reality. Of course, it has its own positive advantages, such as workarounds for solving problems. Workarounds in the sense that the perception of reality without masks is considered a direct path. It all depends on the person, who is a realist, who is a realist.

  9. Great. At one time, I listened to all the steps, and even a few additional books ( it turned out to be the same thing, but repeating this plan in books doesn't hurt).�

    To me, a person who does not believe in any religious version of what awaits after death (neither in paradise nor in virgins), Zeland's version seemed very interesting and reminded Pelevin in I don't remember which book. This concept makes death less scary, and if someone has an obsessive fear of death, then these books will help you get rid of this painful phobia and not spoil your life with the fear of death, but live more calmly and productively.�

    I also really liked the way he writes about God (although I'm allergic to the word itself, thanks to the Russian Orthodox Church), his concept is fundamentally different from the dogmas. Roughly speaking, if the Bible says that God is someone that you, a slave, should love and fear, then Zeland says that God is you and all other people, and it is in the creation of your own life that the main design is revealed. In creation, it means in management and choice. Although, how to manage – it also has its own interesting topic, how not to rape the world around you and not to achieve and overcome, but a completely different approach. I, as a person who does not like to stupidly achieve, overcome and “raise”, his approach is very close. This is not ” go ahead! Come on! quickly!” and not “pray and wait for the weather by the sea”, but in general the third approach, unlike either one or the other.�

    Some of the things that I wanted to change in my life, I really managed to change. For example, I wanted to transfer from one branch of the company to another, but all the vacancies there were already filled. And when I started doing the practices described in the book, one of the employees suddenly decided to quit, because he was called to another place, with a better PO and closer to home. Then he changed his mind, but I was already transferred to his place. Not to say that all the conditions of my wish were fulfilled (because some of them were impossible to fulfill due to the company's falling income), but at least the transfer from one point to another gave me a fairly big plus (in the comfortable and calm conditions of the new store, I was able to do what I had long dreamed of, and In general, on the one hand, just a coincidence, but on the other – and who knows? And most importantly, the book teaches you not to become a fanatic of any concept or religion (so if someone, having reached this piece about translating to another point, might think that I went and believed in the supernatural, then this is not about that at all. Blind faith and fanaticism are condemned in the book, and its harm and mechanisms of its appearance are described very well)

    Well, even if you do not consider the book as a way to change your life, but read it as fiction (as I, in principle, did), then the book is very good and interesting. And if you listen to it, then it turns out such a model for assembly, under which it is good to walk in the park or go to the subway.

  10. The book is quite interesting, and there is also a well-voiced audiobook. I don't think it makes any sense to describe the mechanisms of reality in the form of pendulums, information fields, and other terms used by Zeland. But in practice, the advice not to overstate its importance works well, and I enjoy using it. I came to this through the ideas of transurfing, although the song Sun Sunshine reggae and a bunch of other sources also talk about this :).

  11. A wonderful book, which you need to read being prepared. Personally, the first time I picked it up, I thought it was just the ravings of a madman. I was very wrong. For me, the key to understanding the basics of transurfing was psychology. This (reading the book) gave me the opportunity to realize that everything in this world is connected to each other, and that in no case can you detract from the importance of what you do not understand in this life. I realized that everything has a right to exist, no matter what I think about it. It is necessary to accept someone else's reality in order to be able to come into contact with it, especially when interaction is forced. In general, you can still describe the advantages for a very long time… I also note that transurfing has a much more scientific basis than it may seem. As for the flaws, I would say that this is the most positive perception of the world that I have encountered. I do not rule out that there were some provisions that did not suit me, but I will add that you can never try on any idea completely. You need to let yourself in, feel and move on, and everything that is necessary will remain with you. If you eat only rice, you will never understand what its charm is, to understand what is cold, you need to feel the opposite. Everything is learned by comparison)

  12. Not only in Zeland, but also in other people, I noticed the idea that our thoughts shape our lives. What is in our head attracts the physical embodiment of our thoughts and beliefs to us. I have personally experienced that if you are burning with an idea, it is always in your head, then life will adjust everything so that it will come true. Perhaps through some hardships or not in the way you planned, but we get exactly what we think.

    Be afraid of your desires))

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