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  1. The method of education by physical violence, even if it is so weak, has already shown its ineffectiveness a million times.Behavior change under the influence of physical punishment occurs almost exclusively in the presence of the person who punished the child. Thus, such punishment is unsuitable for the conscious formation of the child's morals. In other words, the child will not stop performing some bad actions, but will simply try to avoid punishment. It is very important to establish trust with them from childhood, and it is normal (and not like a mentally retarded person) to explain objective reasons why you should not perform certain actions.

  2. Sharply negative.

    You can't hit people, not any of them. With a child, you need to behave doubly more restrained, no, tenfold, calmer, more self-contained and patient than with strangers. The child, of course, periodically checks and provokes, often unconsciously. But that's why you're an adult, to set the example of the norm.

    Yes, each of us can break down, get angry and behave inappropriately. But for such cases, it is necessary to feel shame first of all for an adult.

    What is there to discuss in principle is not clear.

  3. If it's really, really bad, then I deserve it. He didn't break any ribs, he just slapped me in the face to put my brain back in its place. My ass in general often saw my father's army belt, but I'm not at all angry with my parents, since the “carrot and stick” system is very effective in skillful hands.

  4. Once every hundred years as an extreme exceptional measure is acceptable. The goal is sobering up. I have repeatedly read the memoirs of people with these lines: and then my father flogged me for the first and last time… I'll remember it for the rest of my life. Now I know he was right.

  5. Victoria, what did you do wrong? Maybe he was just holding back with the last of his strength? Seriously? Fathers because they usually use a belt and the part of the body that is not visible in contrast to the face

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