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  1. In this form, your question is about the “spherical horse in a vacuum“: some women who are both stronger than [all] men at once, and smarter. It is unlikely that there is at least one person on the planet who would be both stronger and smarter than everyone else.

    That's how I feel about it: as for empty theorizing.

    A more real question: Men, how do you feel about women who are stronger and smarter than you? Would you build relationships with them?

    *Stronger and smarter” will be considered as a “stronger personality“.

    Personally, I wouldn't, because I don't need a mom wife.

    There are many women who need a husband-dad. The conversation is not about the age difference, but about the fact that a man shows great care, provides, and makes decisions. This is a fairly common situation.

    There are also men who need a wife-mother. Such a position is usually infantilism, often due to the fact that the boy grew up without a father, too protected by his mother, did not acquire a sufficient degree of independence and responsibility for his decisions. If such a man finds a woman that he will perceive as a stronger and more independent person, it is quite possible that they will form a family and live happily ever after. If they are so happy, and the woman is satisfied with the role of a mother for her husband, then okay, let's be happy for them.

    Add-ons related to the following questions:

    1. A stronger personality doesn't have to be a parent in a relationship. But if a person is looking for a partner for the role of a parent, then the candidate who is a stronger/more mature person is most suitable for him.
    2. In a couple, both can be strong personalities, without a significant difference.
    3. A mature person can be in any relationship that suits her. And get out of relationships that don't suit you.
    4. A less strong personality does not mean that the person is bad or weak. This is a person who usually does not become a leader, but may well do things worthy of respect.
  2. To answer the question of a man's readiness for a relationship with a stronger and smarter woman, it is important to understand what this strength and intelligence is specifically.

    After all, with the words: stronger and smarter, the association of a weightlifter doctor of physical and mathematical sciences comes to mind.

    But I think the question still meant something else.

    Perhaps this is a strong – willed assertive character (strength) and a pragmatic approach to solving issues (intelligence).

    In this case, we can say that a person can not be strong in everything at once. And strong-willed people are often weak at diplomacy and building trusting relationships.

    So it is with the mind. If the mind is mathematical or practical, then everyday or social skills are lost.

    In general, strength and intelligence are relative concepts. And, if a person is stronger in some ways and smarter in some ways, then at the same time in other areas he is weaker and less intelligent.

    This is exactly what the relationship of a man and a woman is created for, in order to complement each other. And then the partners together will feel like a full-fledged part of society without flaws. Although individually, they may experience discomfort and vulnerability.

    Learn more about compatibility principles in this video: https://youtu.be/NCscbSBG3wM

    So, try to create relationships, and gradually find “your” person, with whom you will have harmony and love.

  3. I have a positive attitude both as a man and as a sociologist who supports gender equality, but the fact is that not all “strong [spirit] and smart” women are ready to accept themselves. Especially in terms of sexual-romantic (and sometimes just business) interaction with the other sex.

    Why you are not ready — sociocultural attitudes (our society is generally conservative), parenting mistakes, and your own negative experience…

    When such a Russian woman is looking for a man even stronger and smarter, you want to sleep and cry with despair.

    What for? Why?! Why?!..

    Strong weak sex.

    So if the question is mirrored — how do you feel about men who are weaker and more stupid than women? would women build relationships with such people? – the full scope and pain of gender stereotypes will be revealed.

    And your question generally sounds somewhat debatable, because every person needs to be strong and smart without regard to gender. It is unlikely that men will build relationships with stupid and obviously weak women, who are probably also focused only on motherhood/household chores. This alignment, based on traditional roles and gender-marked qualities, is an excellent springboard for codependent relationships, when everything depends on the basic decency of specific people, and if it does not rest, then write it down. However, the question once again shows the perniciousness of gender stereotypes and the continuing conservatism of our mentality.

    Women don't need to be afraid of themselves in the first place.

    Men, in turn, do not need to be afraid… yourself, a strong and smart partner next to you — a blessing, not a blow to the image. And let it be considered that a man should be superior to a woman… this is actually a very stupid stamp: a man should not understand anything to anyone (like a woman), and people in general are initially different in order to drive them into such a framework.

  4. In my opinion, this question is from the category of utopia. Since no one on the planet (be it a man or a woman) can be in everything to be better, stronger and smarter than another person. Someone is an excellent engineer, another can calculate a complex example in their mind, a third knows the Harry Potter universe very well, and so on. The best boxer will not be able to overtake even an average sprinter. Therefore, just as a particular man will always be better at something than a particular woman, so a particular woman will always be better at something than a particular man. Therefore, I think that the question is posed incorrectly.

  5. A particular woman can not be stronger and smarter than all the men in the world. There will always be a man who is stronger and smarter than her.

    If you meet a woman who is morally significantly stronger than you, then it is not up to you to decide whether you will have a relationship with her or not)

  6. Stronger and smarter by what criteria? physically? In your profession? In the management of the farm?
    I think that in the profession, most people would not communicate with a more intelligent and successful woman, considering it humiliating for their male ego. Especially with regard to creative professions, military affairs, law enforcement agencies, etc. Everything else is very variable. Where their interests would not be affected, men who are far from sports, for example, or male coaches would still be proud of the victories of their strong girlfriend or wife. I am sure that many people would not have been particularly rejected if the lady was better versed in the car or, for example, in nailing shelves)))

  7. Good day! My colleagues answered very correctly here.

    I would like to add that such relationships when one partner is much higher in various indicators than the other partner are called misalliance. They may well be happy if the second partner develops from a low level and reaches out to the level of the second partner. But if a partner from a low level tries to lower the second partner from a high level to their own level, then the relationship breaks up.

  8. Certain women are always smarter and stronger in this sense than some men – you should not, if it is not profitable for you for some reason, enter into a relationship with a man, especially if he is oriented and homosexual, not at his level, because when you are smarter than someone who by definition should be smarter than you, and for you half – your life to live and calculate

  9. I've seen women like that a couple of times. Both had government awards. One of them had a husband. The other one doesn't. In any case, both of them did not bother with family at all, fiercely despised other women. One of them once came to work in a coat, but without a skirt-she forgot to put it on. And for a while, everyone was afraid to tell her.))
    The other still dressed normally, she had children, but she was an academic and had servants at home. Both of them were the least impressive women up close – just brains in a skirt, not trousers. Communicating with them on professional topics was extremely interesting and useful, but the fact that they were women was completely not felt. The one with no family cursed in a way I'd never heard anyone else use, and she never let a cigarette out of her mouth either in her office or in the institute elevator.
    I had a lot of respect for both of them, by the way. They were amazing.

  10. “How do you feel about women who are stronger and smarter than men”

    Normally)) They are not stronger and smarter than all men) Only smarter and stronger than a certain category)))

    “would men build relationships with such women?” of course) Such women are very interesting!

  11. Let's say I communicate with both successful and unsuccessful women, I always wonder when a woman expresses her opinion, but in general they are already smarter and stronger.

  12. I immediately have a question: why did such a woman not serve in the army forcibly and for FREE? Since she is stronger than the average man, let her go defend her homeland. And not under contract, but for FREE.

    And yes, the pension, and everything else is also a question.

    I mostly have questions like this. Otherwise, we are on an equal footing, but do you really care what gender a person buys from you, or helps you solve this or that problem?

    Many men are happy to trust a woman to provide for them, why not? Both the car and the apartment will be accepted as a gift.

    Why not?

  13. I have great respect, but I wouldn't build a relationship.

    Because it is highly likely that a woman who is better than her husband according to a set of criteria will consider herself a failure, that her husband does not match her. With all the ensuing consequences.

  14. I personally take care of smart women. And ropovudu strong ah if strongly love wakes up and not beat the as something not against. Normally I treat vid force can always be pumped up.

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