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  1. Normal. Because it's only one of the views, it's not the only one. And I don't grow into any of them. I am somewhere small and insignificant in the face of huge forces, events, and epochs. And somewhere I am the master and determine almost everything. For example, I can't always change the world the way I want to, but I can always decide for myself how I feel about it. I can't achieve everything, but I can set out and execute a plan to achieve what I want. And I know that if the plan is accurate and my intention is sincere, sooner or later I will reach my goal. Similarly, I can never know everything, but I can choose to believe what I believe to be true(and this will strengthen me on the path to the goal).

    I am a human being. I think, feel, and act, which means I exist.

  2. Excellent! A grain of sand is a small part of the universe and at the same time it is the universe itself. And if I am the universe, then I am great. I am comfortable in this world and I am happy.

  3. When a child is born, the universe shudders. Nothing can pass without a trace. Even the quiet growth of grass has its effect on the universe.

    A person is a carrier of reason, self-consciousness and will. And all this comes from the creator, architect and builder of our universe.

    The minuteness of man in the material world is a fact for us only on the physical plane. On the plane of consciousness, mind, there are no”grains of sand”. All are the constituent elements of the whole, the one.

  4. I feel very good in this beautiful world. Yes, I am a grain of sand, just like everything around me. Everything and everything around you is a grain of sand in this wonderfully harmonious and harmonious world.

  5. this could be developed into a whole book, sometimes there are periods of despair and sadness, but in general I feel normal – I am a small light for the universe, but not for my loved ones, if I can comfort and encourage them, if they smile at me, next to me. And you think so. and everything will be fine.

  6. I feel great, Thank God! This is a huge and beautiful world, where thousands of years will not get boring.
    It's much worse when you live in a small world.
    And it's a pity that usually, grains of sand can spoil this world so much.
    By the way, a grain of sand can be a whole universe for someone.

    1. Stardust.

    2. Not an absolute (singular truth) point of view. Analog – maybe we are this world, but in the incarnation of man for his own (world) contemplation? Or is this world just an illusion and there is something else beyond (conscious)? You can make up your mind, take a ready-made one, but the fact that this is “one of the” points of view, which in a certain plane (in comparison with material objects) is more accurate from the visible position, because only in it (a specific plane) is valid.

    3. I would feel insecure at first, like I'm nobody and call me anything, and then realizing that others are the same grains of sand, I would feel better, then (personally) I would throw this point of view out of my head, according to point 2, because focusing on something 365/24/7 will not do anything, but only aggravate the situation.

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