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  1. I and some of my friends had the same disease. I beat him at the age of 14 during the first good fight. But my friend can't even hit another person when he's 21. As the Green Street hooligans said ,” I realized I wasn't made of glass.” And then stop being afraid to take a hit. Then you just need to have your own principles, beliefs, for which you are ready to stand to the death. For example, for a family or the fact that the earth is flat. I do not want to resort to sexism, but this is the male share-to wave your fists. If you do not need to defend your beliefs or defend someone, then there is no need to beat them.

    Of course negotiations are better than fights

  2. If a person shows violence to another person, it does not indicate courage. And if you do not have enough self-defense skills, then you should visit the martial arts section.

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