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  1. I agree with those who have written the criterion of compliance with personal deepest values – meanings.

    For me, life has not been lived in vain since that night, 26 years ago, when for the first time my beloved just fell asleep, and I hugged her. She was 17, I was 23. I said to myself: Thank you, life-that's all, I'm ready to die with gratitude. Nothing could be higher or happier.

    Aha, he really said it – he's quite a philosopher. I think the same now.�

    Yes, working as a doctor and psychologist, yes, five children – but” not for nothing ” for me personally, probably, is. It is a great happiness to love and be loved; to fall asleep together, to leave, to return… Quarrel, reconcile. Understand that-it looks like, yes, before one of us dies. And to know that – no, there are no guarantees, as long as we are alive, everything changes. And-further…

  2. Life is not in vain-it's children, grandchildren, home, career, book and one hundred thousand subscribers. So that they love you madly in life, write that you saved them, so that after death your lines and descendants will live for thousands of years.

    Love, sea of love. Твоей Yours and to you

  3. From my point of view, in any life there is no sacred meaning, except biological. If a person picked up a mate, continued the family and died a natural death, and was not killed-this is a decent life, not lived in vain.

    Any other interpretation is an embellishment of the main one, due to the values that a person lives by.

  4. This question is very closely related to questions about the meaning of life, that is, it does not have a universal answer, and it does not have an answer that can be conceived in a short time — people think about such questions for years, doing things by touch that help pave the right path, that is, they do not just think and act according to their soul and character.

    For example, if a person wants to benefit society, then he finds the most useful field, which at the same time coincides with his talents, and works there for years, does business — if he achieves success, then he lives every hour of his life for good reason.

    If a person wants to invest all his energy in the family, in the birth and upbringing of children, then he spends every day moving towards his relatives, achieving maximum mutual understanding and harmony. Then, having invested most of his efforts in house building, he will feel satisfied and at peace in this house, placing hopes not only on himself, but also on the new generation.

    If a person wants to accumulate wealth and live in luxury-this brings him satisfaction-he invests in the most profitable enterprises.

    And there are many other things that a person can want and get a sense of happiness from the process, but you can see that everything is interconnected: a family cannot be built without wealth, and wealth cannot be achieved without a job that would not benefit society (at least through taxes). Therefore, moving along different roads, you still need to look for intersections, check priorities at different stages of life (after all, desires can change), but go along these roads and choose these roads meaningfully, and not by inertia, once you set the direction-the search for the meaning of life also requires some daily work, because fate will give us ready-made recipes.

  5. In fact, each person decides for himself whether he should live this life one way or another. And in the end, everyone also decides whether it was lived in vain or not.

    If you look at it from a biological point of view, we are here to continue the race. Therefore, for some, the meaning is children, grandchildren. And those who have a family cherish the hope that everything was not in vain.�

    For others, the meaning is art, to leave your mark on the earth. And here, I will probably stop in more detail, because I can subscribe to this. I really believe that the only reason (for me, at least) to live my life for good is to leave something behind. Good, valuable, and important things for others. Something that can help people. And somehow change the world, even if just a little.�

    In fact, many people who live their lives value their lives only for helping others in the end. After all, it will not be important how much money or fame you had, but how many people will remember you with a bright memory and miss you. �

    Everyone decides for themselves. There is no single formula for anyone, otherwise, clones would walk the earth.�

    So choose something that will give you the belief that your life has not been lived in vain 🙂

    “Are you close to Lacan's philosophy? “Fantasies should be unrealistic, because the moment you achieve what you dreamed of, you stop wanting it. For an aspiration to continue to exist, its object must be inaccessible. You don't want what you want, but dreams about it. So desire creates crazy fantasies.” This is what Pascal meant when he said, “We are truly happy only when we dream about what will happen in the future,” so we say, “Hunting is sweeter than killing,” or “Be careful what you want,” not because it can be obtained, but because it will not be needed later. Therefore, the lesson of Lacan: “Living according to your desires, you will never be happy”, so a really reasonable person tries to live by ideas and ideals, and not by achieving their desires. He lives with empathy, compassion, intelligence, and even self-sacrifice. Because, ultimately, we can only appreciate the value of our own lives by being valuable to others. ” – The Life of David Gale.

  6. A heartwarming story of saying goodbye to a Dutch football fan. An ordinary guy who just really loved football and his team.

    Even the most ordinary person can live his life in such a way that he will be loved by thousands. Red Mark, a football fan, was one of them.

    Red-haired Mark was an ordinary resident of Rotterdam — not noble blood, not rich, not a star of show business. He just really loved football and Feyenoord Rotterdam. When Feyenoord's game got really bad in the early 2000s, the stadium was almost empty, and there was a split among the fans: they broke up into opposing groups. Red-haired Mark, with his love of football and understanding of being sick, did everything possible to make people reconcile, bring them back to the stadiums and attract new viewers. Since then, he has become one of the most famous fans in the Netherlands, respected by all fans, football players and just the residents of Rotterdam.

    Before the start of the Dutch Feyenoord's preparation for the season, sad news came — Red Mark is terminally ill. The doctors gave him a month at best, a week at worst. In just a few days, Red-haired Mark, who has been a fan of Feyenoord for 41 years, was given an unforgettable event.

    On the website of one of the Feyenoord Rotterdam fanzines, Lunatic News, a message appeared with the headline: “No words, only tears.” It was reported that one of the fans of the team, known as “Red Mark”, was terminally ill. And according to the doctors ' forecasts, at best, he would live another month; at worst, he would only live a week.

    After that, it was offered to prove to Mark that he is not alone, and all Feyenoord fans remain close to him even in these last days. The message was accompanied by a mailing address, where you should send your wishes and postcards. A disclaimer was made: “We understand everything, of course, but we warn you that this address is not Mark's home address, but we guarantee that all messages will not be disclosed, but will be passed on to our brother.”

    Rotterdam was supposed to hold their first pre-season training session at the De Kuip stadium. The ordinary event was a real celebration and a tribute to the memory of the Feyenoord fan. The team's class was attended by 6 thousand people, who were united by one goal — to express their “respect” to the 54-year-old fan, the same Red-haired Mark.

    According to the agreement with the club and the general idea, at the 12th minute of the training session, friends took Mark on a hospital gurney to the edge of the field of the De Kuip stadium. On the fan section, a huge banner was unfurled from the top row. It showed Mark in the same photo that appeared on the fanzine's website when his plight was first reported. The crowd sang the song “You will never walk alone”in Dutch. Flares of the green color that Red Mark was very fond of flashed all over the podium. The fan, lying on the gurney, could not contain his emotions and began to cry.

    Soon, with all his remaining strength, he stood on the lawn and greeted the stands. With the help of his friends, Mark went from one part of the field to the other, exactly 105 meters. He had barely completed the fifth part of his journey when the players of his favorite club approached him and personally greeted him with a handshake. And Lex Immers presented Red Mark with a game T-shirt. Next season, which Mark will never see again, Feyenoord's new uniform will be green. Mark's favorite.

    After fraternizing with the team's players and even the team's head coach, Ronald Koeman, Mark and his friends reached the grandstand with the fans. After taking the last steps before the sector, he said,”I don't feel any pain right now, because in my last hour I am among my family and friends.”

    When he reached the podium, he spread out his arms, as if dissolving into the depths of the sector where he had stood for the last 41 years, mentally saying goodbye.

    Three days later, a message appeared on the website of the same fanzine “Lunatic News” that Red Mark had died. The editors received a letter a couple of days earlier with the last words from a fan: “Dear friends, I want to thank you for the wonderful time I spent with you, the friendship and attention I received from you. The action in my honor deeply touched me and made a strong impression. Not just me, but my friend Marion, my son Joey, and a lot of friends and even strangers. I am going to my new best world, being blessed by you as the happiest person. Thank you all. Goodbye!”

    In Rotterdam, a large-scale funeral of Red Mark was held, which was attended by a huge number of people. A large-scale action was held near the walls of the De Kuip Stadium. On the roof of one of the houses appeared the same banner that was at the training session. The inscription on it read: “You brought us all together in this difficult time.”

    The hearse with the body of the fan, accompanied by bikers, passed through a wall of red and green flares, and a little later-under a huge banner. Even the buses of some routes in Rotterdam went with the inscription:”You will never walk alone”.

    And on one of the cars of the funeral procession, a photo of Mark appeared against the background of a sector of fans with the caption:”Red is not just a color!”.

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