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  1. I always believed that every person should give something to this world, it's like a debt for birth. And the most valuable thing was and still is the idea. Here's how to give this idea, about which you can say that here it is! The creation of a lifetime! Then, by and large, you can die(and then at what age will it come..). But these are all remnants of maximalism, probably.

    As for the cause of death, it's something calm, nonviolent, and definitely not suicide. I will die, but how will others live? So, probably, cardiac arrest and preferably in a dream. So that you don't have to suffer yourself and your family doesn't cry too much. Why should they cry? I left the idea behind..

  2. If you don't take violent death into account, then in my mind I have to decide for myself when to stop living. And for me, it is enough to live when I achieve my desires, and other goals will no longer appear. I don't mean any small goals and desires, but Napoleonic ones, something like that. At the moment, the goals are set for the next 8-10 years)

  3. I think that I will die a beautiful death, in a dream, or at the computer, because the bed and the computer are all my habitats, and so, I think that it would be better to be painless, at the age of 30, as for me, the most important thing, if of course I don't find my wife, and there will be no children, we'll see

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