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  1. If a person asks such questions, in this case calls into question his rightness, then this already excludes the fact that he is a hard-headed cretin

    Such a person is able to accept someone else's point of view, but this requires significant arguments

  2. Maybe just look at your results in life? Where are you right now? Who do you work for? What is your standard of living? What do you spend more time on each day? Who are your best friends? How people treat you. How do you show yourself in difficult situations, when you show your character and initiative, what are your ideas and thoughts? What habits?

    Imho, if you ignore emotions and evaluate your command and life as much as possible from the outside, you can see a clear picture of what you are, and based on the collected information, conclude whether your manifestations are smart or not. No one can do it better or more honestly than you. But it's probably hard.

    Ps, another common phenomenon where a person says: I'm so smart, just not understood. Imho, being smart just means being able to apply your mind in practice, on real cases. So that it can be measured at least with the results that I described in the questions above. The rest is biased and tasteful.

  3. No intelligent person will ever think they are right all the time. The ability to change your point of view, to admit the fallacy of your judgments is one of the main criteria for a real mind. But the fact that you are still asking this question already indicates that you have this quality, even if it is still poorly developed.

  4. smart question. there is no doubt about it: smart or not, and the questioner says: “I am smart. How do I know if this is true? and then an ironic remark: I'm always right, is that why I'm an idiot?

    Alexey Chuprov, playing with words and thoughts is a man's prerogative, language and society were created by men and there is no point in your question, as in any game, well, except for “warm up”

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