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  1. When normal communication turns into a banal exchange of a few phrases like ” How are you?”, ” What's new?”.The moment when you realize that you do not connect with this person nothing but shared memories.Unfortunately, this often happens.Friends gradually begin to move away from each other due to changing interests, employment, the emergence of new relationships,etc.This is, of course,sad all,but some people are replaced by others,sometimes even better than the previous ones.

  2. Are there any other options? This is an expense. The person shows no interest in your life,you do not communicate with him, you do not see each other and do not want to. It may not be a matter of resentment at all,but simply a change in people and their orders. Unfortunately, in my experience, it was rare for a friend to say a proper goodbye to me,and that could change everything. A lot of people thought, ” oh my God, what kind of person I was friends with,” and I was already completely different by that time,and I was often ashamed of what had happened to me before. But the maximum I could do: this is to wish good luck and say goodbye to a person,and then, as a rule, in social networks. There are not too many options,it seems to me, but all this is mastered only from my personal experience

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: if you have the same situation,then put a+, if you have a different experience-just give your answer, if you want to challenge that I do not understand something in my own life, then minus it, okay.

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