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  1. The answer to the banal is simple-try.

    Try everything new, unfamiliar, unknown, incomprehensible. Within reason, of course. You don't need to try drugs, rob banks, or shoot animals 🙂

    It does not happen that sitting on the couch in front of the TV (computer), chewing chips, a person suddenly realizes that he is a designer from God!

    First, think about what you're interested in, what your hobbies are, and what your favorite activities are. You can even make a list of such things. If it suddenly turns out that you don't do anything special at your leisure, stupidly scroll through the social media feed, or watch Dom-2 on zomboyashchik, then try signing up for some clubs, cutting and sewing courses, clay modeling, etc.

    Be open to suggestions. Did your friends invite you to a museum or exhibition? Go ahead. Did you see the ad for recruiting a dance group? Sign up. How long have you wanted to learn how to play the guitar? Excellent. Is there a sports marathon running in your city? Put your feet in your hands and go!

    This is the only way to understand what you want.

  2. First, you already know that you want to know what you want out of life. Secondly, take a textbook on logic – for example, Chelpanov or Kirillov-Starchenko-and read it. Third, at the end of each day, sit down in a quiet place and spend about half an hour thinking about what you actually want. And do so until you answer this question.

    Please note that the vast majority of people do not know this. So they spend their whole lives hanging around without really achieving anything. The question is complex, elusive, and you can't just solve it, and if you do, you'll have to come back more than once.

    It is important that the answer is really yours, and not induced by some extraneous things (including pressure from authorities), and not taken simply because you need to answer something. This will lead to the most terrible disappointments.

  3. Whatever you want, you really want. You don't have to want the same thing all your life. There are a lot of years ahead, you can change your mind at least fifty times and live somehow in a new way.

    Do not worry about plans for a hundred years ahead, the world is changing. Learn to learn.

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