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  1. you gradually lose the ability to think (brain cells die) until everything is over. in fact, as long as you ask yourself “am I alive” or any other question, then you exist. after all, if you are dead, then your consciousness does not exist at all, in any form. that is, to understand that you are dead will not work, which means, from the opposite, we understand that to understand that you are alive is possible, but to understand that you are dead is impossible.

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  3. Where do you get these axioms from ? There is no consensus on this. But in any case,the idea, i.e. consciousness, will always be primary, since without an idea, the material world did not arise. And death is just a transition from one life form to another !

  4. “I think, therefore I exist.” If you are able to formulate this question, it is obvious that you are still alive. Although, if you are a religious person, compare your reality with the description of the afterlife of your religion. – Not suitable – means alive (although some may well perceive the current reality as a kind of”Hell”).

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