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  1. If you know, you could teach a friend that too. I myself was a very shy guy up to 20-22 years old and despite the fact that I was popular with girls in my school years, I was shy in unfamiliar companies and was afraid to start a relationship with anyone and immediately blushed when a girl spoke to me. Work helped me get rid of this, the fear of attracting attention to myself was very strong, I was afraid to hold a microphone on a bus with a huge number of people (40-50 people) everything came from self-doubt, in their abilities and capabilities. Communication with a large number of people and group tours that I led, helped me get rid of this complex and the fear of the public disappeared. In short, you need to practice, only practice will help you overcome this fear and this self-doubt.

  2. The whole problem of a friend is that he subconsciously compares himself and his interlocutor, obviously deciding that he is worse than him. And why he makes such a conclusion is still necessary to figure out for yourself, perhaps you are in an uncomfortable skirt or you have a beer belly.�

    All you need to do is raise your self-esteem. There are plenty of answers to such topics, including TheQuestion.

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