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  1. Conduct anonymous opinion polls about yourself from time to time among your acquaintances, friends, and colleagues. For example, you can ask your colleagues The VK survey function is very convenient for such research. This way you can evaluate yourself objectively.

  2. ALICE, if strictly on the question, then-no way. First, the ” estimate “(from the word” price”) appears not when a price tag is pasted on the product, but when a buyer appears who is ready to buy for this price. And this is no longer “objectivity”, and it is “evaluating” yourself that is not entirely useful, if not harmful. Secondly, there is nothing objective in this world, everything is subjective, including the so-called “self-assessment”, which can change” a hundred times “over the course of life, as well as” assessment ” by other people. Probably, the question is about an adequate attitude to oneself (“objectively” is a constant value, “adequately” is in the Now and Here).

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