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  1. It is a very good question – the very statement of it in this form is already a step towards getting an answer to it.

    You were right to link your decision – making skills to the habit of taking responsibility for them-one thing doesn't work without the other.

    You also quite rightly point out the essence of your problem: the lack of a clear idea of what exactly you want. It is in this area: knowledge of yourself, your attitudes, principles, goals, your place in life-that you will have to move forward in search of satisfaction from your decisions.

  2. Asya, first understand what you want, what goals you pursue, and what values you are guided by. And then you can easily make the necessary decisions without additional thoughts about responsibility. The process will be natural. This is a lot of work, but having done it once, in the future you will only need to periodically check the coordinates.

    Or, when a choice occurs, assume what the result will be in one case or another, and choose what is closer. That is, not a spontaneous choice based on an internal response, but one whose result is closer to you. At the same time, we do not know for sure what will happen, we can only assume.

    Responsibility is essentially a response to actions taken. At least not for me.

    What does responsibility mean to you? This can be important for learning to be responsible for your decisions.

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