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  1. Losing interest in boring things is natural. There is no tragedy in this. But if you put these things aside for a while, take a break from them, and then come back to them, they can open up in a new way. A person's consciousness cannot reflect the whole world completely. The world is so different, so big, so deep, that one lifetime is not enough to realize it. You can get tired of something familiar, but there is still a lot of new and unknown things left. Isn't it worth spending part of your life learning something else? Enjoy new music, new sports, new profession, new acquaintance, new happiness…

  2. For yourself first of all! It can't be that you are not interested in everything at all. But if your question sounds in this context, then you have low self-esteem and you are not a self-sufficient person. First of all, you need to fix all this, and then find a hobby that will carry you away with your head. Good luck!

  3. Hi!

    I have the same problem.

    I went through a lot of things and at some point I realized that I was just tired of life… Seven years ago, the eldest son “left”, this was the last straw, the straw that breaks the hump of a camel… I stood on the “threshold” and nothing stopped me in principle.

    Already standing with one foot “there”, I looked around…. Behind the shoulders of old people-parents, family, children… No, they didn't stop it in general, well, just think they would have buried it next to their son…

    But maybe life has something else interesting in store for me?

  4. Try the answer to this question in specialized psychological journalism. For example, Meg Jay wrote Important Years , a book about choosing, defining yourself, and helping yourself understand what you need and need to do. Oddly enough, this actually makes sense.

  5. It is necessary to live at least out of curiosity (you will agree that even when everything inside is burned out, curiosity still remains): and what will happen to this bl….What's next for them? (if that's what you think it is). And-peace to your home.

  6. Return your interest and live happily ever after, of course.

    You know, you need to understand what/who, how and when contributed to such a tragic loss of interest in life. If you find the reason , you'll find the answer.

    Such moods happen, it is called a crisis. Start setting goals and achieving them. It will help.

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