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  1. Make what you can call yourself happy. It doesn't matter what parts they are, it doesn't matter where they come from. You can be happy, you can feel in harmony with the world around you, you can feel satisfied. You are a fragmented collection of your past, but isn't it all about being happy? We are like presidents who have received a country unknown to us at our disposal, and it depends on us whether this country will be happy. A lot of political parties, a lot of feelings, a lot of ideas, everyone wants something, and, most importantly — all problems have a solution. So you can simply resolve the conflicts of these parts and live in peace, realizing the integrity after this work. At least, after all my moments of enlightenment and clarity during the esotericism period, I chose this path for myself. For me, such questions were the result of dissatisfaction with my inner mental state. And when I started cultivating it, I became happier, and it saved me from the conflict that “I” wasn't really”I” at all. Kind of like, it never matters if “I” am happy, even if “I” is in quotes.�

    From the point of view of psychology, not philosophy, the wording is more crude. Such dissociation often occurs against the background of dissatisfaction with one's own life or mental innards, as a psychological defense. Part of the psyche is isolated from the other part due to vivid narcissistic mechanisms. For example, because of a dismissive attitude to one's own feelings, especially romantic and sentimental ones, failures in romantic relationships and unwillingness to live them emotionally, or even unwillingness to accept one's social status, the social status of one's parents, or one's living conditions. Against the background of such neglect, epic philosophical dissociations are really formed in the perception, they say, I am not me and the hut is not mine. This allows you to feel everything else as insignificant, although the presence of such dissociation just speaks of the significance of what is happening, but the inability to respond adequately to it. It would be nice to see a psychologist sometime.

  2. Stop being aware of all sorts of stupid things. How can we live when we realize that there are no walls, but only what we have agreed to consider walls? Your self is, among other things, layers of information, what is the problem? I don't understand how this can interfere with life.

  3. You know, at first I agreed with you and was about to get depressed,but….. then a few proofs of the existence of the ego,the soul,whatever, came to mind. �
    1)I don't know about you,but I've often had it happen that I dislike a certain musical performer as a person,I think he's stupid,and I don't want to listen to him. However, once I listen to it, it sticks in my head,I spend the whole day humming it, and on the computer from time to time for some reason I poke at its clips. What for? After all,as you put it,it contradicts my layer of information, and I am set up against it in advance. So, there is something beyond the imposed layers of information. In this case – musical taste. As you can see,it can go separately with the imposed layers of information. Of course,musical taste is not a person,not an ego,but as one of its elements, I think, quite.
    2) Again, I don't know about you,but in my childhood I often had(and even now,sometimes,there are) incomprehensible figurative associations. For example, I associated the library with some strange blue thing that looked like a thermometer. Well, how could I have such an association? It is unlikely that I, a six-year-old child, was imposed a layer of information with a library and a thermometer. And this proves that in addition to the imposed layers of information, there is an irrational sense perception, which, according to your theory, should not have existed in me.

  4. Take it a step further and understand and accept that all people are like that, and it's just a process of forming a personality and gaining skills-once. That's what humanity-two is all about. That the processing of these layers of information and the conclusions drawn may differ for different people, which forms their own self and their own worldview-three. That layers of imposed information are most often called the word “experience”, and the process of imposing information can be called” training”,” brainwashing”,” indoctrination”,” training ” and a bunch of other synonyms, and the more diverse it is, the more interesting the person – four usually turns out to be.

    Now do one, two, three, four! D

  5. The problem described to you exists, it does. My Favorite Books on this topic:
    – American Psycho-Bret Ellis
    -Let the Fools Die-Mario Puzo
    – Coming of Age-Jean Paul Sartre
    Carefully, beautifully, variously and fascinatingly dissecting the problem itself, all these three writers make one conclusion: “yes, emptiness, there is no way out and nothing can be done.” On the one hand, of course, this is true, but on the other hand, why were these life stories needed at all? But simply because they are interesting, emotional, lively, intriguing, exciting just by themselves, without any result or conclusion. So is our life.

  6. In this case, even this question came out of the imposed layer of information, and the answer to it will only make sense if the person answering it differs from you in this respect. I do not know if I am different from you and whether I exist in the form in which I imagine myself, but if you recognize awareness (this is what you highlight as a fulcrum, if I understand the question correctly), then you can assume the presence of points of view and their variability.�

    In this case, you can simply accept the unrealistic nature of points of view, look for new ones, and break the old system of thinking every time. To do this, you can start a diary, where you will record life experiences from new points of view, and then criticize this experience and look for another point of view. So sooner or later you will run into death, which will test your question for strength. From my point of view, at the moment, good places to keep such a diary can be a Buddhist monastery, theater, dream or virtual reality.�

    You can start studying yoga, or you can start studying dissociative identity disorder. You can say that the critic is not “you”, but then who asked this question and why does it matter? Any of your actions describe, if not you, then something or someone unknown to you. Try to get acquainted through the diary. And don't forget that your question was also asked from the point of view, don't take it too seriously, there is nothing absolute about it and it is replaceable, and if it is not, then you asked the question and the question is canceled. In this kind of thinking, any “maybe” stands between two ” ifs ” within a chain that extends out of reach of your vision.�

    I almost got hit by a car once. Then I jumped back in a way I couldn't have done in my normal state. I don't get hit by a car every day and I can't explain what happened in a split second with some experience and intuition coming out of it. This led me to believe that this moment was the closest thing to what is possibly my “I”. Death is the ultimate fulcrum of any human worldview, even one where everything ends there, not to mention the systems of heaven and hell.

  7. Get rid of this”I”… Which consists of these “layers of external information”. We must gradually discard this external information by identifying ourselves with these imposed “attitudes”, “worldviews”, “tasks”, etc. In this case, meditation at the initial stage helps well.
    The psychologist will not understand you because he operates with the tools of working with this ” I ” – the Ego. And you come to get rid of it.
    Gradually discarding all imposed / external attitudes, you will form “your” inner understanding at the level of flair/feelings, eventually acquiring verbal shapes and outlines(explanations).

  8. Learn to accept this fact and live with it. A person is aware of himself through others, it is impossible to understand who you are and what you want, just sitting and looking at your navel. A person is incomplete, contradictory. But as the picture of the world becomes clearer (over the years), you are much less torn in different directions.

  9. If you think about it this way, then the biological meaning of existence is to leave behind offspring, so that they repeat the same process and so on until our sun consumes our planet, or until we ourselves drink each other out (which is more likely)

    Everyone finds meaning for themselves, but, as a rule, everything is based on the instinct of dominance, i.e. the desire to become better than others in something, to gain power, etc.

    Therefore, you should decide on a hobby, the development of which will allow you to close this very instinct. And then there is a problem in choosing a hobby that you will devote your whole life to, thus finding the meaning of existence, by the way, you may even become famous.

    So what do you think you can do for the next 50-60 years (if you live that long)?
    This is better than whining about the meaninglessness of the universe – which, from the point of view of a reasonable person, really does not exist.

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